Monday, October 05, 2009

I've been away too long.
My conversations have been few.
But while I've been away
Each and every day
My heart is beating next to you.

But now I'm here at last
And I mean to stay...
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings -- "Tell Me"

(Go check out the coolest group ever)

So I'm stuck at home with sick Short People...what to do? I've decided to take advantage and drag my inconsistent self back to the blogging world. I haven't been here since March? Really? Geez, what is wrong with me? I've been trying to figure out why, and...uh...I've got nothing. So I'm just going to try to do better. Hopefully I will succeed.
The Short People are thriving in our neighborhood, where 8 girls under the age of 9 overshadow our lone neighbor boy (poor, poor Benjamin!) with their Kool Kats Klub as they gather en masse in sunglasses, beads and the occasional tutu to ride bikes, scooters or skateboards and nag each other like the true girls they are. And my god are they driving all the parents crazy! I am seriously considering buying all of us referee shirts and whistles for afternoons and weekends, when we are all forced out of our homes for hours at a time to intervene in the "I had the trapeze first", "she won't share her hula hoop", "but they're MY skates" arguments. Yesterday actually ended in some fisticuffs. But my, do they all look lovely while they are acting like wild animals. They appear much more civilized here at India's 7th birthday party.

When not verging on juvenile delinquency the Short People are busy with school. Kate started kindergarten this year, and India is in second grade. The solo photo of Kate was taken on her very first field trip to the Graves Mountain Apple Orchard to pick apples. I chaperoned this trip, and had a great time. We made a fabulous apple crisp with our selections.

Both Short People are taking dance. India is continuing to enjoy ballet and Kate has found she is a tap/jazz kind of gal. The picture of India is from her spring ballet recital. Pardon the stage makeup, she doesn't go out of the house like that on a regular basis, I swear. Kate likes a little more funk and is a big fan of Sharon Jones, Stevie Wonder, and Deelite. Kate can sometimes be heard warbling another one of Sharon Jones' songs "I ain't nobody's baby, I ain't nobody's fool...better get yourself a new one". God forbid some boy ever try to mess with Katie in the future. She'll use some of those techniques she's learned in the neighborhood...

As long as the Short People don't pass their crud to me I will be spending this weekend at parts unknown for an early surprise birthday present. T. is sending me off somewhere with my mom and sister for what he is calling "Amy's Fun Weekend". Hopefully I will make it.
Time to sign off and break out the Lysol...