Sunday, September 17, 2006

Watermelon picture 2006

see that watermelon smiling through the fence
i wish that watermelon it was mine
sometimes i think that old folks ain't got a little sense
when they leave that watermelon on the vine
well apples are sweet and peaches are good
rabbits so very very fine
but give me oh give me
oh how i wish you would
some of that watermelon smiling on the vine
-- Dave Matthews Band
Starting India's first summer we began producing an annual photograph of the Short People posing with a sample of our watermelon crop. This tradition began when my Aunt Katie gave India a "onesie" covered in watermelons; the picture was cute and a friend suggested we make it an annual event.

We have done this without fail, even the summer after Kate was born and we forgot to plant any watermelons. I scrambled at the end of the season, searching in vain, and in desperation finally bought two "personal watermelons" (whatever they are) from the market at a price tag of about $50 a piece. Cheater.

This photo collection hangs in our kitchen, and we'll keep going until the Short People rebel and declare themselves too cool to adorn themselves with clothing festooned with pink and green fruits.

Today the girls enjoyed eating the watermelon but had a much more exciting time sharing the rinds with Daisy. Daisy, like most labs, will eat anything, but has a penchant for melon rinds and corn husks...guess she has a clean digestive tract!

Taking the photos was the last task we accomplished before saying goodbye to Tracy. He is off to the Hotel Roanoke (yes, I am pea-green with envy) for a four day convention. Have a wonderful time, TT, enjoy the solitude and argument- and ketchup-free meals, and we'll see you Wednesday night!


NCArthurs said...

Sweet pics! I love the watermelon tradition. Funny how those happen by accident. Ours are daffodils in the spring. Out of curiosity - was it Mary who suggested doing them every year - a la tomatoes? She gave me the daffodil idea too...

Delane said...

Those are all great photos, especially the first one. And just the kind of tradition that I love.

The Turmanators said...

You know both of us well, Janice. Yes, it was Mary of the Tomatoes (sounds like some crazy catholic saint...maybe we should petition the Vatican?).

NCArthurs said...

St. Mary of the Perpetual Tomatoes. I love it!