Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's better to burn out

Than it is to rust.

Neil Young "My My Hey Hey"

Well, at least Neil approves of my recent blogging lapse.

No, I did not have a post-surgical relapse. I've just, I suppose. Busy. Busy doing, instead of just writing about life for a change.

Part of my lapse has been because of productive, active scheduling. I feel sooo much better and am spending most of my time catching up on all the numerous things I have let slide in the last year. But part of my absence has truly been a blog burn out. What do you do when you feel like you have nothing to entertain folks with? Are you REALLY interested in the new paint colors in my den? Okay, Clare and Janice, I know you are, but are the rest of you? Do you truly want to see photos of India's first field trip? Will you be entranced by candids from our annual Halloween party? My Hotel Hershey Spa trip with my mother and sister (there are some funny stories there, but perhaps they should remain between us and our chocolate martinis)? How about the various meetings, school pick ups and drop offs, schleps to ballet lessons, toilet scrubbings, etcetera?
Are you on the edge of your seat yet?

I think I've just been motivated in a different direction lately because of my vastly improved health. It's cliche to say you didn't realize how sick you were 'til you felt better, but by god it's so true. I have energy again! It feels great to cook healthy meals, visit with friends and family, exercise, watch a movie without falling asleep, and generally feel in control of my life for a change.

Of course, Short People life continues unabated. Kate, when informed we would see a friend of hers who moved over the summer, exclaimed "I have not seen Chwistopher in TWENTY YEAWS!". India repeatedly asks when she will develop either a loose tooth or breasts. Kate now exclaims that she is "just bad, bad ole Katie" when she screws up. India suddenly began to read during a five minute period two weeks ago, to the surprise of everyone especially herself. Kate has named a stuffed animal after a different color each day (purplish, yellowish, orangeish, reddish). India asked me what language her friends in New York speak. Yeah, they are still the Short People.

Now that I am back in the land of the bloggers I vow to post more. And I thank those of you who checked in to make sure I hadn't succumbed to a horrible, painful death. Forgive me if the Holidays intervene in my postings, but know I will be there when I can. And finally, know that I missed you!
In the meantime, enjoy these photos from out family beach trip during the first week of October. Over the next few blogs I will catch you up with the new den colors, India's first field trip and the Halloween party. The Hotel Hershey Spa photos will be conspicuously absent. I will not bore you with any photos of household chores, I promise!


November Rain said...

Michelle sent me

When the Real Life Monster Grabs us we must go

but if we didn't Life would pass us by

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

GOOD to have you back in the blog world, my dear.....I have not been as good about visiiting lately because I have been filling up,a three yeard dumpster in my garage!!! (Talk about
And one full one has been taken away and another empty has taken it's place....I tire more easily than I used to, soooo there is a lot of laying down on the bed and napping.

I truly am glad you are back in the swing of it!

Melody said...

I'm glad you're back. SOmetimes a break is the best thing... We all do have lives to attend to don't we?

Kelly Malloy said...

That darn life gets in the way everytime!

Deana said...

The short people come up with some great material, how could you have blog burn out with those funny girls around? I often think about just quitting and then I think well I will just write it for me, if no one reads it, no one reads it.

But I don't think I will do this post a day for a month thing ever ever ever again!

sage said...

The Outer Banks are special. I grew up on the beach in NC, in the Wilmington area. And the fall is the best time to head to the beach!