Sunday, August 06, 2006


The Arthurs came this weekend, bringing with them, as always, a great time, and cooler temperatures, too. Aaaahhhh.

Thanks to all who have checked on Tracy; he is much better after a day in bed and a lot of muscle relaxers. And all the little people are healthy again, so we were primed for a fun weekend with friends.

India and Kate were lit up like Christmas trees starting the day before Joe and Gus arrived, were chomping at the bit at 6am Friday morning, and just about to jump out of their skin by the time the Arthurs arrived. They ran out to greet them and practically bowled the poor boys over, but Joe and Gus adjusted to the Turman ebullience quickly, being old hats at it. It always amazes me how quickly Joe, Gus, India and Kate jump right into playing as if they had just seen each other day before yesterday. As you can see by the photos, Joe and India really love each other, but sometimes Kate and Gus' relationship can be characterized as "love/hate".

Friday the grownups stayed up WAY too late talking, listening to music, drinking beer and (some of us) cigar smoking. So much fun, but it made getting up with the girls at 5:45 Saturday morning a little difficult. Off to Cape Charles beach for the morning, with lunch on the beach and then home for much-needed naps for everyone. Of course, a great opportunity to collect more sea glass and Pat is always just as eager as I to search for treasures.

Saturday night we had babysitters for the young foursome while we went for a "crawl" of Onancock before our friend's party. It was fun for us to have time together without having to wipe, scold or diaper anyone, and nice for Pat and Janice to visit some old haunts. Then we were off to our friend Mary's "Cinco de Agosto" themed 40th birthday celebration. Great party! It was so much fun that I'm glad I only took the couple of photos I have here.... But that much fun inevitably leads to another late night with an early morning wake up call from the short people. I'm too old for all this.

Sunday Tracy and Pat went fishing for a few hours while Janice and I nursed our hangovers by sitting in the mercifully cool shade while the kids played together. If I didn't think too hard I could pretend that when the guys returned the Arthurs would get in their car, drive 10 miles home and I would see Janice and the boys at the "Y" in the morning. If I concentrated I could imagine they still lived down the road. If I didn't pay attention, I wouldn't notice how sad and withdrawn India and Joe were becoming as time to say goodbye drew near.

Watching the Arthurs drive away to North Carolina, Kate and India cried. And so did I, a little. We had a FANTASTIC weekend, and we miss you guys already! When's the next visit, ya'll?


NCArthurs said...

You can't get rid of us, you know. We'll be back to visit before you know it.
I love the photos! Can you e-mail them to me? I haven't uploaded mine yet but will send them to you once I do.
We had a great weekend too and miss you guys already.

The Turmanators said...

Have several more cute ones, and one not so cute one (think chairs on our heads) to send. I need to finish tweaking them and then they're yours. Kate woke up this am saying "where Dussie?".

Joyce family said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and it's probably best to have a kid free 40th birthday party. With kids it makes it more like a pool party.