Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You are what you eat?

The other day Kate ate bird poop. Not once, but twice. Yep! India runs frantically to me, out of breath, exclaiming "Mommy, Katie ate some bird poop! [disbelieving expression] I am serious!"! Kate looks on, sour-guilty. We had a big talk about how disgusting that was, yet she turns around and DOES IT AGAIN the next day! It was the purple stuff; must have looked good to her, I don't know. Anyway....

Yesterday the girls had to stand on tiptoe in a doctor's office to see a woman talking to them. Both rested their lips on the rim of her counter. The woman and I explained with gusto to India and Kate about all the germs on the counter and I (ever out for the laugh) felt compelled to share with this woman that Kate puts everything in her mouth, including the infamous bird poop. Katie, my little fury, clenches her fists and yells at the top of her lungs "I DON' EAT BIRD POOP ANY MO!!!!!!!!!!"

Not to be outdone in the humor department, India announces to Tracy this morning "Daddy, your hair is almost off. It's nekkid, too." Poor Tracy, with the ebb tide of male hair, has just gotten an extra short haircut.

Having a little problem getting the camera and the computer to share...hopefully can come back and add some photos soon.


NCArthurs said...

Oh, Katy. That's all I can say. Ohhhh...Katy.

Anonymous said...

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