Monday, November 20, 2006

Sometimes I feel so uninspired
Sometimes I feel like giving up

Sometimes I feel so very tired

Sometimes I feel like I've had enough

But don't let it get you down

There is no reason for not failing

You've got to smile and turn the other cheek

So today you might get up
But by tomorrow you'll be sailing
Traffic -- "(Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired"

My friend Janice (this is gonna sound familiar, Jan) and I joke about the ebb and flow of the stay at home Mom. Some weeks you are a Goddess. The universe revolves around her and her masterful planning. The house is run with near military precision.The floors are clean. The children are clean. The library books are returned on time. The meals are healthy and organized. She is amazing.

Then the tide turns, and the Goddess is gone. I'm not sure where she goes, but the Interloper who replaces her is not very efficient. When the Interloper is here, cleaning, errands and household tasks are completed begrudgingly...if at all. She forgets to buy the chicken for dinner, misses her haircut appointment, doesn't feel like vacumming AGAIN and resents the fact that children must be fed three wholesome meals a day ("didn't I just feed you lunch?").

The Goddess took a road trip for a few weeks and the Turmanators have lived in squalor and chaos with the Interloper. But the Goddess is back! As a result, the sheets are changed, the floors are vacuumed, everyone has had flu shots and haircuts, meeting minutes have been typed, and Christmas shopping has begun. This also means, of course, that the Goddess will resume blogging. Sorry to those of you who have expressed some disgust with the Interloper in this regard.

Enjoy some photos of a recent playgroup and of our adults-only trip to the Hotel Hershey for some much-needed pampering, and know that the Goddess has it all under control. For now.


NCArthurs said...

Welcome back, my Goddess friend. Unfortunately, that nasty Interloper is still in control here at the Arthur house, so the floors are hairy, the laundry undone, the children running all "Lord of the Flies," and the cupboards are bare. Maybe the Goddess will come home with me after our Thanksgiving trip...

Deana said...

Welcome back to the Goddess. I don't even have kids and I go through that same ebb and flow....right now I am in the "Oh I have so much to do but can't think what to do first because my brain is spasing" mode that I really don't care for at all! Then I get nothing accomplished.

Clare said...

Hello glad you are back, Goddess!!!!! I have missed my morning laugh with your posts!

Can't wait to see you guy's!