Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ha sido un invierno eterno
y loco me vuelve la nieve
primavera venga ya venga la
primavera venga ya
"Queremos Bailar" - Dan Zanes

Hola, mis amigos y amigas! Welcome to the Short People's "Mundo del Espanol". Like most preschoolers, India has always enjoyed dabbling in Spanish (the influence of "Dora" seems to know no bounds). But lately her interest is, shall we say, excesivo? Any counting to be done? Do it in Spanish. Want to say "hello", "goodbye", "thank you" or "your welcome"? All the Turmanators must answer with the appropriate Spanish phrase. Don't know how to say something in Spanish? No problem; India just makes it up! She's enjoying herself and we are having a great time trying not to let her catch us cracking up.

Recently she asked to eat at a Mexican restaurant despite the fact that she does not care for the food. When I questioned whether she really wanted to dine there she haughtily retorted "I ASSUME they will have little cheeseburgers".

But my favorite thus far: when India asked Tracy if she could watch a movie in the car and he responded "I doubt it", India questioned "Is 'I doubt it' Spanish for 'I don't think so'?

Today's photo is of our new patio and firepit (just for you, Brian, Janice and Clare). Tracy's birthday (his first 39th, he says) was this weekend. We did a lot of celebrating; his favorite homemade spareribs, dinner out with friends, etcetera, but our best celebrating was done right here. We spent much of the weekend roasting marshmallows, having a glass of wine and stargazing. Perfecto!


Anonymous said...

Patio is great! Knowing my Brothers engineering skills I would have to say this was your design. Take care and again Happy Birthday to Uncle Great Cheese. Brian

The Turmanators said...

I had a little help from a landscaper friend. My original design had two circles and we decided that the arial view would make it look like breasts! Not good.

Deana said...

I absolutely adore your patio and fire pit! We put a new patio/deck on this summer but it lacks fire....I keep hinting that I am going to buy a chiminea (sp?) at the least. I bet you guys had a blast out there.

Let India come go with Martin to the Mexican restaurant here....he loves to practice his Spanish....he thinks he is really good though he only knows about 50 words....she'd have fun with him. "No fumar" is the first thing out of his mouth when we are through the door.

C said...

Patio looks great guy's! Can't wait to come and sit out under the stars with you!

NCArthurs said...

The patio is gorgeous! I am definitely green with envy. I can't wait to come visit and join you for wine and marshmallows. ( and marshmallows)