Friday, December 01, 2006

25 days and Counting!

The snow is falling down
Up in some northern town

But a Carolina Christmas

Is still the best around

Wrap up your teddy bear

Hang your stockings up with care
It's a Carolina Christmas

Were chillin in our underwear
--"Carolina Chri
stmas" the Squirrel Nut Zippers

Not quite in our underwear, really, just shorts, although I hear cooler temperatures are coming with some rain today. The 70+ degree weather is not dampering our holiday spirits, however. Decorations are out...not acutally UP, but out. Until our halls are decked the Short People are contenting themselves with CVS's singing and dancing santa with penguins. We've been so often that I'm concerned the employees may think I'm casing the store, but the girls dance right along and beg to hear them sing again and again. Thank god they don't know that monstrosity is for sale!We also kicked off the holiday season today by decorating a gingerbread house. I think this will be a new tradition for the Turmanators. This year I just used a kit since I barely have time to use the restroom and brush my teeth now, but maybe one year I will do the whole thing from scratch. The girls loved sampling the candies and helping set everything in place with glue made from SUGAR (they were truly amazed by this). Tonight we begin counting down the days 'til Christmas with our advent calendar. Also the ABC family network begins it's marathon of Christmas movies tonight, so those with children or who are young at heart...check it out.


C said...

It is definitely a “Carolina Christmas”; all I am missing is my Carolina Blue sky. No beautiful blue sky for days! I must say it’s a bit creepy to me to be outside in shorts and a t-shirt, wrapping my trees with lights, and have sweat roll down my face. This is just not ok! I simply can not get into the spirit when it’s this warm; I need cold, coco, and snow!

Love the ginger bread house, very cute! Can't wait to see you guy's!


P.S. You gave me a great Christmas idea for the girls; we have a CVS right down the street! I will have to make a mad dash before all the Snowmen and Santa’s are all gone!

The Turmanators said...

You are DEAD MEAT, Auntie, if you bring those girls anything animatronic!

Joyce family said...

Love the gingerbread house. Haven't tried that one yet but looking for fun activities. Our colored lights have satisfied Landon for a while and hopefully he won't want a big blow-up snowglobe in the yard.

Deana said...

I get all the little singing things for Martin from Hallmark each year...this year it is some kind of penguins shaking their booties with bells.....He and the kids like it. I have given up on classy though the kids think it is fancy! Eventually my den will look like a CVS.

I love the ginger bread house!

Deana said...

Amy I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas