Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kate Starts Preschool

I can see you in the morning
When you go to school

Don't forget your books

You know you've got to learn the golden rule.
--Supertramp "School"

Kate managed to simultaneously break my heart and thrill me to my marrow all in the same day as she started preschool on Thursday. Having two days a week to grocery shop, clean, paint (an impending "This Old Turman House" project) and, perhaps most significantly, actually go the restroom or shower without Short People commmentary is heady stuff. And the fact that Kate seems to already LOVE it makes the whole plan so much more palatable! Now I'm just left with the "what kind of stay-at-home- mom are you" guilt that goes along with unnecessary preschool enrollment, and I'm dealing with that with a few glasses of wine and lots of support from my friends who assure me I'm not going to Hell for enrolling Kate at Belle Croft with her sister.

But Kate is THRILLED! I was dismissed Thursday, her first day, with a smiley "Bye, Mommy!" and greeted in the afternoon with a tour of all her favorite spots. She also managed to keep her underwear dry the whole day, which for me is almost more exciting than anything else. I will not shed a tear when I say goodbye to diapers, that's for sure. What a grown-up girl Katie is. I can't believe that I have one child old enough for Kindergarten next year and another who is wearing underwear and attending preschool. Time flies...


Deana said...

Don't feel guilty. It really will be good for her.

That little picture of her and the bag though was so sweet it almost made me cry!

Auntie said...

I can't belive my little Katie is old enough to go to school & that Miss India is going to start Kindergarten. Time has really gone by fast! Seems like just yesterday my little "seniorita poopie pants" was a tiny pea.

We are sooo excited to be headed your way! Can we bring anything for you from civilization?

The Turmanators said...

Good bagels?

Devra said...

If it helps to reassure you, I just googled "Hell and Belle Croft" and found no connection to the two.

Let your guilt be free! : )