Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We spotted the ocean
At the head of the trail
Where are we goin'
So far away
And somebody told me
That this is the place
Where everything's better
And everything's safe

--"Walk On The Ocean"
Toad the Wet Sprocket

All this gobal warming has produced some wonderful spring-like days on the Eastern Shore. My body has been tricked into thinking summer is coming, and I'm trying to soak up every minute before reality hits hard. We've felt incredibly close to nature the last few days thanks to gorgeous weather and the gift of two rare visitors.

The first was a bald eagle, who graced us by standing in our backyard about 50 yards away... until I decided to make a break for the camera and he flew off. Sorry guys, I would love to have a photo of him but I chased him away!

I did snag photos of our next visitor. This jellyfish was undulating along Cape Charles Beach Sunday when we went for a stroll. The Bay is full of "nettles" (tiny, opaque jellyfish) in the summer, but to see a large, live, colorful jellyfish in action in the Bay in JANUARY is something I've never witnessed. The Bay is unusually warm for this time of year and I think a lot of strange things are happening in there. This big beauty was fascinating as she undulated and waved her tentacles. The photos just don't do it justice. Just glad it was too cold for swimming!

All of our outdoor adventures took place between doses of Ibuprophen for India. She fought high fevers all weekend (103.8 at it 's highest) but would recover with meds and start playing soccer or running down the beach until we made her stop. After 5 days of high fever I took her to our pediatrician and she has strep...never once complaining of a sore throat! Now I am thowing out toothbrushes and Lysoling anything that doesn't move in the hopes that Kate won't come down with strep too. We are planning to head to the Outer Banks with a big group of friends for the weekend and I need to go...that way I can keep fooling myself that Spring has Sprung.


NCArthurs said...

Where are you headed? I'm very jealous, obviously, as that sounds like much more fun than what I'll be doing - driving into the cold and wintry Midwest.
As always, wonderful pictures.

Deana said...

Ooohh, so sorry about the strep. Poor baby, I hate strep. It is so painful.

It must be nice just being able to walk along the ocean any time you want....I love the kids pic and the jellyfish. I don't want them to touch me but they are indeed very beautiful. How neat you got a picture of it!

The Turmanators said...

I hate to admit this to you, Janice, (don't tell Pat) but we are going to Nags Head. Dr. B.'s family has a big house there. There will be 6 adults and 7 kids! Hope the weather holds...should be fun!

Auntie said...

So glad you are posting more, I missed your blogs!