Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Take your tiny feet out
Of your mother's shoes or
There is going to be a
Terrible scene.
--Elvis Costello " You Tripped at Every Step"

As much as I try to balance the "girlie" side of things, the Short People are hell bent on becoming princess/cheerleader/cosmeticians. Dressing up in "fancies" as Kate calls them, is a near constant activity in our house. I often have to kick them out of my closet, where they enjoy parading in my shoes (it's not like I'm sporting sexy kitten heels; I'm most often barefooted or in Birkenstocks or Tevas).
To illustrate their proclivity for girliness; during the Superbowl I tried to educate them about football. I'm not the least interested in sports, sad to say, but want to give them a chance in case they like sports. India listened very carefully to my informative and educational speech about the game, but sadly retained only the pre-show Cirque de Soliel cheerleading exhibition. She ran upstairs to don cowboy boots, a skort, and JMU homecoming pom poms. I hid my shudder and nodded and smiled. Sometimes you just have to go with it.

Even more disturbing than the cheerleader trend (yes, I know, those of you who knew me in high school don't remind me I was a cheerleader) is the fact that Kate's dress-up proclivities often include nudity. It might be a top or a bottom, but something is likely to be exposed. This worries us more than India's cheerleading inclinations. Maybe she'll outgrow it. She also likes a lot of "bling". Tacky, but her own style, so I enjoy it. She'll learn to conform soon enough.

Two recent funny quotes:
1} When Kate saw the last post she stated "I'm good at shakin' my bootie"...long pause..."Mommy, what's a bootie?". I cracked up, but India solemnly replied "It's a bottom, Katie".
2} This morning I had to reprimand India several times for pushing the boundaries. She sorrowfully informed me, "Mommy, I am sooo sorry. I PROMISE I won't do ANYTHING you tell me to do ALL DAY".


Auntie said...

All I can say is that it's the Makey in them! It's in the blood! Mona would be proud!

The Turmanators said...

Yes, notice Kate's strategic use of a silk scarf.

Delane said...

Our boys have the same bootie fascination. Both with the word and with the actual bootie itself. Ben never gets in the bath without first doing The Twist while singing "look at my bootie, look at my bootie!"

Those are some pretty creative costumes!

Deana said...

They are too adorable. I love their "lines" at the bottom.
Don't worry I'm sure they will be grounded even if they do love sparkly pink foo-foo things. I think it is hilarious that people who want prisses get tom boys and people who wanted tom boys get prisses. Isabelle is the exact opposite of Melanie too. Melanie could care less for heels and I can't keep Izzy out of mine when she visits!