Monday, March 05, 2007

Ha sido un invierno eterno

Y loco me vuelve la nieve

Primavera venga ya

Venga la primavera venga ya venga
-- Dan Zanes "Queremos Bailar"

Roughly translated the lyrics are "it's been an eternal winter and the snow is making me crazy. Come spring, come...". At least I think that's what it says. All you Spanish speakers correct me if I've misinterpreted. By the way, Dan Zanes used to be with the Del Fuegos (remember them, my fellow children of the 80s?) and now does fabulous family music that is never hokey or annoying. Check him out at If nothing else, you'll love his hair.

If my translation is accurate then"Queremos Bailar" sums up the mood here. All the Turmanators are enjoying warmer weather, longer days, and that little something extra in the air that tells us spring is on it's way. Friday was so warm we spent the whole day outside. If you look closely at Kate you'll see her "white" shirt and pants are incredibly filthy with mud and sidewalk chalk. India spent most of the day carrying a stick in her mouth pretending to be a dog (our dogs gave her some odd looks as barked and panted, following them around the yard). We even went exploring through the field and into the woods where we all got sratched by briars and I found an old dump site full of intact bottles...really cool and I carried them home in my shirt so I was filthy, too. Tracy got home from work at a normal time for a change and we grilled and had a fire on the patio. It was wonderful; a taste of things to come.

Saturday was not as warm when our friends John and Susan and their daughters Ellie and Anne came for dinner. They brought a bucket of the Shore's famous Tammy's and Johnny's fried chicken (oh, unspeakably good!) and we planned to eat outside but a cold wind chased us indoors where the gruesome foursome wrecked the Short People's bedroom and wore every dress up item they could fit on their bodies. It won't be long, though, before that wind will keep us from wilting in the heat so I won't complain.

This morning Kate refuses to eat her vitamin:

Kate - "it too spicy" (huge grimace)
India -" Don't you want to be healthy, Katie?"
Kate - "NOPE!"


Deana said...

They are adorable and funny! Isn't it wonderful to be back outside doing things again. I can't wait for Spring.

Auntie said...

Yummmmmmmmm,Tammy & Johnny's. I think we need to plan a T&J's night when we come and visit!

Spicy???? That little girl is soooo silly! Thats what she said about her "tandy" at Christmas, once she was done.

Miss you! Love to all!