Monday, September 08, 2008

Oh, my crazy baby

Try to hold on tight
Joan Osborne -- "Crazy Baby"

Our almost 200 year old home survived the storm on Saturday just fine, with just a few limbs down and several bushels of walnuts to pick up before we can mow. The house is as right as rain, as it has been for almost 200 years. A house built to withstand the ravages of time and weather.

I can't say as much for our mental health.

On a good day the Short People are what most people politely call "busy" or "energetic"; code words for "high energy" or even "pain in the ass". They do not, I repeat, do NOT like to be at home or have to entertain themselves for long periods. My girls like to be On The Move at all times. They wake up each morning, rub the sleep from their eyes and inquire "What are we going to do today?" and woe to the parent who answers "nothing".

As an aside, this makes living on the Eastern Shore very difficult during every season but summer, and all of those activities are OUTSIDE.

So being confined to the house without the ability to play outside, combined with the very real threat that the power might go out, was more than the Short People could bear. I had, as part of our Hurricane Preparation Kit, socked away some crafts and activities but we ripped through those faster than Hannah. We even painted a birdhouse, which they completely covered in paint in 2.8 seconds and then asked for the next activity. We also had a dance party, courtesy of A & N Electric, who managed to keep us in power (thank you!) the whole day. Can you say Cupid Shuffle? What can I say, the Short People apparently like a line dance.

We also enjoyed quite a bit of dress up, as you can see. Yes, that is a tiara Tracy is wearing in the first photo. Later India modeled her very creative "Ariel" look, replete with a red scarf for hair and a mermaid's tail hanging out of her p.j.s. I know, the p.j.s are both Valentine's and Christmas; what can I say, at least they match...sort of.

In short, we weathered the storm but ended up with a nice case of cabin fever. Hurricane season isn't over yet...time to go restock the arts and crafts.

And maybe a bottle of wine or two?


Deana said...

Yes lots of paints, crafts and wine! I am glad you survived this particular hurricane. I haven't checked lately to see what is out there right now.

I love all the photos, Tracy makes a lovely princess.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...I LOVED this post...(And your delightful "new" Look!)
You kept the Short People realkly busy! LOL!
I love the Bird is Charming. And all the Dress-Up, too.
It is wonderful to hear that your house held up so beautifully....I guess Ike is on the way now, too...And I hope he doesn't do too much damage...
Do you ever do Jigsaw Puzzles with The Short People? I LOVEC them as a child and as an adult, too...!

Long Day With Short People said...

Oh, yes, Naomi, we looove jigsaw puzzles! I am so looking forward to them getting a little older when we can do the really big ones; now we are relegated to the 25 piece "Strawberry Shortcake" puzzles. And usually Kate has a temper tantrum halfway through because "I just can't do it!".

Ike seems to be heading for Corpus Christi, so we will be Hurricane Free, but the poor Gulf Coast doesn't need more bad weather.

Janice said...

Since we are fast approaching the "stay inside for months" weather here in cold, cold Iowa, I've already started training the boys to sit still and watch hours and hours of football on the weekends. The reward for my efforts? Sunday night we were watching Colts v. Bears. Joe calls the Colts his "home town team" since he was born in Indy. They weren't playing well, and when the Bears scored a safety, Joe burst into tears and was inconsolable until bedtime, wailing, "I'm just not so good at watching my team loooooooooose!!!" Maybe my plan isn't so brilliant after all...

Long Day With Short People said...

You just need that bottle of wine; it works for hurricanes AND football...

panthergirl said...

Love the name of your blog... so cute. And I envy your 200 year old house, because I just LOVE old houses!! Continue to enjoy your short people!!

Here via michele!!

Chrissea said...

Must include that wine... especially with Short People around.
(Glad you all pulled through Hanna without a problem. Haven't heard today how the people in the path of Ike are fareing... Hopefully ok).
Thanks for the visit! I enjoy your blog.

rashbre said...

Resourceful indoor entertainment. The weather you have is on a different scale from anything we get! Glad the 200 year house survived! And here today via Michele's - Hiya!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope all is well with you, my dear....It's been a while since you Posted....Just checking in to say "HI" to you and 'the short people', too!

Deana said...

Amy I am so sorry about your grandmother. She was such a terrific lady and she will be missed by many people. I hope you are doing okay. I didn't realize your baby sis was good friends with Sue my cousin by marraige/friend. We were talking about you recently at a girl's night out and I was hoping you were feeling okay.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Just coming by to say "HI" and I hope you are okay....! I miss you when you don't blog, and worry a bit that maybe you are struggling with Health Issues....If you are, my dear...Please take good goos care and feel better very soon..!
AND, if your absence has nothing to do with your health...I am glad!

It is Sunday night about 8pm here on The Hill....! Say Hi to The Short People for me....

OH, and I have some pictures on my blog of a dear Hummingbird that they might like to see....!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

"take good CARE"....I have no ida what that word is after!

And I just saw what Deana said about your Gradmother...Sorry to read that....My heart goes out to you and yours.

Deana said...

Happy New Year Turman family!

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