Friday, March 06, 2009

This is the end
Beautiful friend

The Doors -- "The End"

The last few months have been sad ones. We had to say goodbye to the place we loved and find a new home. The Eastern Shore was a wonderful fit for us with gorgeous unspoiled water, open spaces and fabulous friends. It was the place where we found our beautiful home, and it was the place where are children were born. We lived there for over 10 years and planned on staying there forever.

But some things don't last forever, and we decided that Tracy's job needed to be one of them. The decision to move was made even more difficult by the fact that we had to keep it a secret, even from our closest friends, for almost a year. The Shore is a small, close-knit place and word travels FAST, so this huge elephant was in the room with us and we couldn't talk about it. Even in front of the Short People. Talk about a challenge! Try having a crisis and keeping it a secret even in your own home. Throw in all my health problems and the death of my beloved grandmother in October and you get one gal who just did not have much happy to discuss for the last few months. If you can't visualise my mood just ask Tracy; he'll do a fine imitation of Amy In A Snit.

So now we are in Culpeper Virginia, trading the sea for the mountains. We've been here for almost two months. Boxes are mostly unpacked, the snow is melting, and the shiny is rubbing off. In typical kid fashion the Short People are resilient and have adapted marvellously to all the changes. India loves her new school and Kate has enjoyed a brief reprieve from preschool to stay home every day with me until she starts kindergarten in the fall. India adores having her own room (can't say the same for Kate, especially when India says "I need some private time" and shuts that door) and they love being in a neighborhood. Some of the sweetest words a stressed-out mom can hear are "Can India and Kate come out to play?".

There are still some growing pains. Tracy is trying to find his way in a completely different hospital environment and is commuting 40 minutes one way. A blackberry and laptop were waiting on his desk day one, and I have never seen Tracy react with such disgust. I miss all my friends terribly. Wednesdays are days of mourning knowing that playgroup goes on without me. Honestly, though, I am enjoying a break from all of my volunteer work, and am taking the time to sit back and focus on family and health. We are renting until we can sell our house (in this market that may be a year from now), so there is no pressure to decorate, hang pictures or paint. After taking care of a large home built in 1835 with a lot of land, a new construction house with a garage, trash and recycling pickup and CLOSET SPACE is a treat. And we still have a decent yard for the Short People and the dogs, too.

The past four months haven't been all stress and mayhem; during my hiatus from blogging some wonderful things happened. My nephew, James Rowen Tyner, was born on December 14th. He is the cutest, best baby in the whole world and you'll be seeing a lot of him. We had several fabulous sendoffs, pictured here, so we could say goodbye in style. The Tooth Fairy has been a frequent flyer over our house, causing a few panicked trips to the bank for more golden dollars. India was asked to audition for the Richmond/Tidewater Ballet Nutcracker; she didn't make the cut because she was too small for the costume (she is tiny but mighty) but it was an honor to be asked. I turned 39, where I plan to remain until I die.

It's time to crawl back on the Long Day With Short People wagon. I hope you all haven't forgotten me. And I hope some of my Shore friends will join the ride. I miss you guys!

Oh, and do you know anyone who wants to buy a fabulous farm house on the Eastern Shore?


Janice said...

Good to see you back on the blogging train. I love the phone and all, but this way I get to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are back I have missed your blogs! I love that picture of the old house with the sign out front. I am really going to miss visiting out there and miss that house, I had A LOT of great times there, but I am very excited to visit your new place and go exploring with you. I still wish you had moved here :(

Once correction...Rowen was born January 14.

Anonymous said...

Ok, funny house memory popped in my head. Do you remember drinking and hanging pictures after we got back from my birthday dinner @ Little Italy? I think there was a BAD storn brewin' cause I remeber it being really yellow and still outside. Anyway, T hung pictures, we supervised, and we all drank. I am think that was a BAD idea. Tracy with a drink, hammer and threat of a power outage?!?!?!?!?!?!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It is GOOD to have you back, my dear...! What a year...! I don'y know how you kept that secret from everyone--including the Short People....You are a Miracle Worker!
I wish you mush happiness in your new home....It sounds like this is good move though sad in some ways.
My love to The Short People and a BIG BIG HUG for you all!

Long Day With Short People said...

Whoops! What a typo! December, January...what's the dif? All joking aside, sorry for the miscommunication. That was purely an error.

Janice said...

Okay, Clare, they took you for a birthday dinner at Little Italy??? I guess that maybe was back in the day before the Shore got a few decent restaurants because Little Italy...a birthday treat that ain't!

Deana said...

Geez I hate he is doing 40 minutes a day one way. Maybe things will go much better than you think and the house will sell quickly. I know you must miss it. It sounds like you've really been dealing with a lot but good to see your spunky and fun side is back is back.

Long Day With Short People said...

Yeah, Janice, we had only been on the Shore a few weeks and someone (with no culinary taste) actually RECOMMENDED Little Italy. The horror...

Anonymous said...

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