Wednesday, May 31, 2006

But before I get into that, let me update you on the more pleasant things the Turmanators have done since our last post.
Wednesday, May 24
The girls did this:
sat and waited...and waited...and waited (like stalkers) for our company, the Arthurs. When they finally arrived India and Joe ran off to do their thing and Kate and Gus decided to get along for a change! We were so excited to have them here!

Thursday, May 25

We spent the morning visiting friends and in the evening Tracy and I took Joe with us to watch India's preschool graduation program. Clearly there was a Western theme going on here. India was very clear and calm as she recited her name and where she was from (ending with a little sweet little curtsey), then sang several songs with her class. On the way home I asked her what her favorite part was, and she stated "You being so proud of me, Mommy".

Friday, May 26

Janice and I both woke up with a scratchy throat, but we decided that nothing would get us down. Besides, it must just be allergies, right? We had a play date reunion with some of our closest friends, then we cooked this black drum, along with some blue crabs, and Pat made a batch of mojitos. Yum!

Saturday, May 27

The fellas went fishing and caught, among other things, this shark, while Janice and I lay in the shade, watched the kids play and tried to recouperate. In the evening we went to a local pig roast fundraiser and had a great time, slightly mitigated by the fact that Janice and I were feeling less and less good and required LOTS of caffiene to continue functioning.

Sunday, May 28

Should have been a fantastic day, and it truly was; just a little hard to appreciate while feverish. We went out on Pat's boat to one of the many Barrier Islands that protect the seaside shoreline of Virginia's Eastern Shore. We almost had the place to ourselves, the weather was perfect, and the water was warmer than expected. We found hundreds of little hermit crabs to entertain the kids, and the shelling was good, too. Made it back in in time to get the little ones down for naps, get cleaned up and off to our friends Tom and Mary's house for a cookout. A great time, but by this time Janice and I agreed that our Tylenol Allergy and Sinus meds just weren't cutting it.

Since then I have been completely out of commission. Seems like this virus Janice and I had has kicked off some other issues. About a decade ago I had a mysterious health problem that was labeled something different by each doctor I was kind of like having the flu every 3 months. It seems like I am having a recurrance of this, so we are trying to get the ball rolling on more testing and hopefully science will have caught up with my body! Thanks to all of you who have e-mailed/called to find out where the heck I am; our e-mail is currently down or I'd have replied to those individually. I am feeling better so I will try to post a little more frequently, and am hoping that our trip to the Okracoke next week will help me feel better.


Joyce family said...

Great pictures and glad you are back. Sorry you aren't feeling well and I hope you can soon feel better. Missed seeing your posts. Get some rest!

Delane said...

Great photos, expecially the one of the girls on the porch steps. Sorry that you've been sick, especially since it dampened some otherwise fun days. Hope this week finds you feeling better.

da Boyds said...

Glad to have you back in action. We'll talk later this week.

Get better!

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