Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Monday, May 01

The VIRUS THAT JUST WON'T DIE II , due to popular demand, has had a 4th showing.

Ennui sets in very quickly around here. I think I have the busiest children I know (poor Pops and Gigi witnessed this first-hand the weekend my granmother died) and it is soooo dificult to keep them busy. I tried to engage them with an emergency stash of craft supplies but they were less than enthused. They preferred to spend the day fighting and arguing. I know this is because they are incredibly bored and India is not feeling well, but I need a break! I think I'll go shopping for a black and white striped shirt and a whistle.

India has such a sunny, joyful personality but last night she was limp dishcloth. She flirts with dehydration and malnutrition on a daily basis anyway, so when she decides she's too sick to drink we get worried. Randy Gunter witnessed a trip to the hospital first-hand (again, Randy, I apologize profusely. You'll never want children - or a wife for that matter- after that fiasco). She develops very high fevers, it's been over 105 several times, and Tylenol just wasn't cutting it last night. We were out of Ibuprophen so I had to make grocery run # 2 at 9:30 (grocery run #1 was at 6:30) . After we got her good and dosed up she threw up all of her medicine, as well as the chocolate cake Tracy fed them for dessert (Disclaimer: I was on grocery trip #1 when this decision was made and it took India saying tearfully, "I shouldn't have eaten the cake" for me to figure out what the heck that dark brown stuff was when all she'd eaten for dinner was pasta with a little butter a some mango).

Here's hoping today will be much better for all of us...Landon and the Joyces included.


Joyce family said...

What was Tracy thinking? Yuck! I hope your house is a little more peaceful today or maybe at least a little less sick. I am trying to clean up some but it's like cleaning up after a college party at your house when you weren't even home for the party or at least no fun had for you.