Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday, May 02

The VIRUS THAT JUST WON'T DIE slipped out the back, Jack. Life feels good again, and to make my day even more enjoyable the wind has died down, it's warm and there is not a cloud in the sky. The girls and I purchased some annuals, ran a couple of errands and hit the Book Bin (our locally owned bookstore). Even India's "accident" in her undies (the cleanup of which involved copious amount of baby wipes and finishing our outing "commando"- just her, not me) then Kate's subsequent announcement to all of the Book Bin customers that "I dot da poop, Mommy, I sho do, sho do" could not squelch my mood. Let me just add that the girls chose to shop in tie dyed shirts, Christmas socks, tacky Easter bonnets from Dollar Tree strictly for dress-up purposes, and large foam flower bead necklaces. They resembled midget hippies with schizophrenia. We spent most of the day outside, even eating lunch and dinner there (Clare...oh, how I have the "I wants" for a patio and patio furniture). In addition I washed the grocery getter, which had enough tar spatter near the wheel wells to make Jackson Pollack proud.

I'm also in a better mood because tomorrow is the Shore's annual Seafood Fest. The Seafood Fest is held on Chincoteague (pronounced "Sh", not "Ch") Island. You may have read "Misty of Chincoteague"...that's the place and it is part of Accomack County, where I live. Tracy and I are actually going without the midgets and I just knew one of them would hang onto their germs to keep me from attending, but everyone is healthy. The Seafood Fest is full of great raw and steamed local seafood, beer, local and State politics, and several of our friends...what could be better? Besides, I REALLY, REALLY need a break. I'll try to get a photo of one or two of the infamous ponies for tomorrow's blog, but I've found that if someone wants to see them they are so far away that they are almost invisible to the naked eye, yet if Tracy and I go alone and forget our camera they will tap dance and limbo 5 feet from our car...almost a true story...I have been known to exaggerate just a bit for dramatic effect.


Clare said...

Exaggerate?!?! What side of the family did that come from? We do not exaggerate! hehehehehe

I can't wait for you guy's to come and visit. We can sit on the porch, drink some beer, and we got some wireless speakers a few weeks ago.

Hope you guy's have a great, kid free, pony seeing, beer drinking, seafood eating, time tomorrow. I wish I could be there!

da Boyds said...

Glad the virus was short lived. Rebecca read your last entry and was quite pleased about the lovey.

The seafood festival sounds awesome. The Boyds could be found at every seafood festival in Oregon. We really miss it. That's one thing we don't like about Charlotte. It's too far from the coast.

Hey Delane, if you read my posts, I'm wondering what happened to Porter. I haven't seen him since high school. Tell him I said hi if you see him.

da Boyds