Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Crooked little smile on her face
Tells a tale of grace
That's all her own

Spinning, laughing dancing to her
favorite song
A little girl with nothing wrong
And she's all alone
--Seven Years, Norah Jones

Tutus are de rigeur with the short people; Every day is a ballet. India is full-tilt into her class and LOVES her instructor. "I wish Miss Dana was my Mommy!", she cried after a day of head-butting with me. Oh, how that stung.

And Kate is counting the months until she can be a "bawawina" like her big sister. A friend gave Kate a pair of ballet slippers her daughter had outgrown, and each Monday we must pack them for Kate to wear while she and I wait in the green room during India's lessons.


Delane said...

Trade capes for tutus and you have a house with two boys. Everyday is an adventure that calls for robots, dinosaurs and superheroes.

It's very sweet that Kate wears her slippers to class. After a year and a half of sitting on the side-lines watching his big brother take karate lessons, Ben will soon get his chance to hit the mat thanks to a brand new Pee Wee karate class for 3 and 4 year olds. I can't wait to see what a room full of 3 year olds doing karate will look like. They should sell tickets.

C said...

Sooo stinkin cute I can't stand it! Can't wait to see you guy's this weekend!

Joyce family said...

No dressing up people in our house. I think my kids prefer to be undressed. Landon has some batman pj's and enjoys those but that's about as dressed up as we get.

Maybe one day Ella will be into the tutus but I am thinking she may prefer to climb trees.