Wednesday, October 18, 2006

When I wake up in the garden

Peaceful slumber wakes my eyes

The sun and moon are always present

There are no more crying people around

--In The Garden, Susan Tedeschi

We have hit a new plateau with the short people. For the past 4 plus years we have been awakened before 6 a.m, sometimes 5:30, and even the occasional painful 4:45. To be fair there was also the occasional 6:15 and once, like a gift from heaven, a late, late 6:30. My personal favorite early morning moment was the year that Kate was a few months shy of one and we (STUPIDLY) agreed to host a New Year's party. Everyone left at around 2:30 or so, we put away about half of the food (but not Tom's hand rolled sushi...sorry) collapsed into bed, and were woken up before 6. Hung over. That one was our own fault.

But for the last week or so...I hope I'm not breaking the magic spell by talking about this...they have been sleeping until 7:00!!! What a treat. Tracy and I are thrilled. We can actually receive local weather on foggy days (only time we get reception), and I have even been able to lounge in the bed with coffee for 15 minutes. When the girls finally do wake up India turns off the night light, gets socks for herself and Kate, opens the door, and they scramble down the hall to our room like little squirrels. They love climbing into bed with us and snuggling under the covers for a few brief minutes before we are up and running. It's wonderful.

Clearly fog has been a big factor here lately. The first photograph is of a misty Onancock Creek. Fall on the Eastern Shore often equals fog. The schools are often on two hour delay due to fog this time of year, and I sometimes feel like I've stepped onto a movie set for Wuthering Heights as the heavy mist rolls across the fields from the bayside. Those days are perfect for warm tea and a good book...too bad the short people think foggy days are perfect for play-doh, messy baking activities, and endless rounds of dress-up.

On sunny days the Turmanators have been squeezing out every last drop of outside time. These girls love to be out of the house and winter is hard for us. We don't get much snow, just very cold dampness. So we "make hay while the sun shines" and enjoy the beauty of fall whenever we can!


NCArthurs said...

I miss foggy fall on the Shore, I do! I was missing it especially while I was running errands in 80-degree heat today, sweating buckets since my upper-Midwestern self can not let go of blue jeans and long-sleeved shirts in October, no matter what the temperature. I think I would have appreciated a cool, foggy morning. Great pics.

Joyce family said...

Great to hear you are getting some sleep. Sorry we've been silent for a while. We've been busier than normal. (if there is such a thing as "normal")

I love the name change! you'll have a lot of both laughter and frowns with all of that creativity, but mostly laughter and joy.

We are doing pretty well, even though I have been sidelined with a "sinus thing". Its been a little more brutal than my normal twice a year afflictions, and I have spent many hours in bed over the weekend.

Tell Tracy I said hello, and let's get togther soon.

- Mike
(logged in as Brooke because I'm lazy)