Friday, October 13, 2006

In my mind a thousand times
I played the part and read my lines
You and I would be the stars
And I don't even know your name
--"I Don't Even Know Your Name" The Mavericks

"I not Taferine Penn (Katherine Penn) aaaanymo'. I don' wike dat name. I TIDDY TAT TATE (Kitty Cat Kate).

Kate has changed her name. Thank goodness she's unaware that it is possible to make the change legally binding or she would do it. She's quite adamant, and whenever anyone asks her what her name is she tells them it's Tiddy Tat Tate.

She made one of these name change pronouncements at The Book Bin; our local bookstore and coffee shop. They are promoting a Halloween activity for toddlers and asked to take a photo of Kate and my friend Andrea's son, Christopher, dressed in costumes relevant to the books they are promoting. The poor photographer was mystified when she asked Kate for her name. Funny, she seemed REALLY glad to get out of there (she doesn't have children) once she had managed one decent shot. Let's just say the two were less than cooperative.

Most of the rest of us enjoyed ourselves. Kate liked having her picture taken and was allowed to keep her magic wand so she was happy. Andrea and I were given a free coffee so we were happy. But poor Christopher didn't want to wear his pirate hat, didn't want to put down his lollipop, and was bonked in the head a few times as Kate tried to "magic" him with her wand. He's such a cutie and always wants to hug Kate but she is heartless and rejecting because he steals her snacks. Hopefully she will treat him the same when they are 16.

I should have remained in the Book Bin where my children are occupied and I can socialize and drink coffee. The yard is a wreck with patio construction and our new countertops are being installed as I write this. It is all very exciting, despite the chaos, even though I have buyer's remorse approximately every other day. This old house has it's drawbacks, but it has a lot of personality and warmth and we are thrilled to add our touches.

One of my favorite things about the patio installation is the excavation because I am discovering all kinds of artifacts in the dirt. Here's a sample of yesterday's finds. They are pictured on our old countertops...bye bye ugly, old, cracked, blue laminate! Tracy is sick of me scavaging for treasures. Anyone want to dig in the dirt with me?