Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Almost cut my hair
It happened just the other day
It's gettin kinda long
I coulda said it wasn't in my way
But I didn't and I wonder why
I feel like letting my freak flag fly

-- Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young "Almost Cut My Hair"

Kate came running from the bathroom shouting "I found some hair!". Not a phrase one hears often, so I quit cooking dinner and investigated. This is what she handed me.

At first I thought it was mine. I have enough that I wouldn't notice losing that amount and I panicked, thinking it was perhaps some odd side effect of my illness or medication. After I realized it was too short to belong to me my heart rate resumed a nice, slow pace and knew it could only be be India's.

I asked her about it, and India claimed it just "flew" out. Yeah.

When I presented the mass of hair to Tracy he immediately questioned whether I had seen India's scissors. Of course! Being a therapist I am practiced at asking kids open-ended questions, so instead of asking "Did you cut your hair?" I calmly...sort-of...asked her "So, how much hair did you cut?"

"Not much", she said, bursting into tears.

I had to go upstairs so she wouldn't catch me cracking up.


TheArthurs said...

The first self-induced haircut! A rite of passage of sorts, isn't it? Unless of course, like my children, their meaty little paws are too uncoordinated to make scissors work very well.

So the big question is, from what part of her head did she cut? Was it an unobtrusive rear chunk or the infamous short-short bangs cut? And if it was the latter, why no pictures?

Auntie said...


My thoughts exactly, Janice! Did you need to take a trip to get her hair shaped up?

Delane said...

I love that question asking trick. Amy taught it to me years ago. It's amazing how well it works.

And come to think of it, I also remember a cop using it on Mike and Andy in once.

Cop - "Have you been drinking son?"
Andy - "No"
Cop - "What were you drinking?"
Andy - "Voooodkaaaa!"

Deana said...

Oh no! At least it didn't ruin her hair. Melanie cut a chunk of my bangs when I was in early high school...those critical years when you care what everyone else thinks!