Friday, April 13, 2007

One of these days
I'm going to sit down and write a long letter
To all the good friend I've known
One of these days
One of these days And it won't be long...

-- Neil Young "One of these Days"

Oh, it's so good to be semi-back to normal. Tonight I was able to resume our Friday Night Happy Hour, which basically consists of a few friends meeting after school on Friday. A "Designated Daddy "is assigned to bring take-out dinner on his way home and we meet and eat (maybe a few drinks) until bedtime. A wonderful way to wind down a week and a tradition I have sorely missed while ill. I've also missed out on several other events, including our second annual March Mommy Madness weekend in Norfolk. I have pined for all my good friends, and am reminded how grateful I am for our friendships,as well that of our children. We are so lucky here; raising our children in some ways in a 50s/60s style of protective familiarity and comfort that is hard to find elsewhere in the States.


Today we met at "Big Kate's" in Harborton (not t obe confused with our Kate), a bayside town that Tracy and I have been in love with since we moved to the Shore. B.S.P. (Before Short People) we used to crab off the dock in Harborton. Today's outdoor photos are taken off that dock, including the inscription on the end of the dock which reads "God Bless the boys who make the noise off the South side of Pungoteague Creek".

So classic Eastern Shore. All the little "fingers" of waterways around the bayside are called "creeks" which is what you see in the photos...Pungoteague Creek. This is a Native American word (and settlement) that dates back to before the 17th century. The history here is amazing; just come see what we pull out of our yard!

As I snapped photos sea turtles paddled and laughing gulls called to me. What a cool spot; one of the many little gems I adore here on Virginia's Eastern Shore. Summer is coming and somtimes I think that is all the medicine I need. Happy weekend!


Deana said...

That is a great tradition! I like that one and would love to use it here! Nice pics!

Enjoy your weekend after that great start!

Karen said...

Thx for visiting my place from Michele's!

Think you posted your email address at Michele's instead of website, at least that's what next person after you said. :o)

craziequeen said...

That Happy Hour sounds an excellent idea - think I'll have to suggest it to my friends :-)

Michele sent me (finally) after I found your blog link at Karen's place......
Check your info at Michele, I think you've mixed up your links.

The Turmanators said...

Whoops! Sorry about that, guys. Think I hit autofill and didn't check it.

TheArthurs said...

It makes me so sad that we're no longer there on Friday afternoons (or Thursdays, or Sundays) and that I didn't even recognize the kitchen in the picture until I read it was Jeff and Kate's!
But, we had family here all day through dinner and had the doorbell ringing all afternoon with neighborhood kids wondering if Joe could come out to play, so I guess we've found a 50s/60s world of our own here in Iowa...
Still, we miss being part of that world out there so much. Thanks for the nostalgia.

The Turmanators said...

Miss you too, Janice. Every day.