Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm so tired,

I haven's slept a wink.

I'm so tired,

My mind is on the blink.

--The Beatles "I'm So Tired"

As usual, I'm stretching for sick songs; there are only so many I can think of. I haven't been quite been well in ages, but I was at least functioning until the weekend. I've had another relapse, and let's just say it put a damper on the fun-filled weekend I had predicted in my last post. The weather was gorgeous and the rest of the Turmanators spent Saturday and Sunday working and playing in the yard. I spent Saturday and Sunday (and Monday too) in bed. I did at least open the windows.

Yesterday I met with an ENT to have a culture taken of my sinuses (and wasn't THAT fun!) and discuss surgery. Dr. Saffold came at me with a very large wand and stuck it impossibly far up into my nose and sinuses. He has decided to try another round of anitibiotics before surgery. I've had enough antibiotics in the last year to treat the population of China, but he wants to try more. Okay. I'm not a big fan of surgery, but on the other hand the last time I remember feeling well was last July: at this point I am ready to pack my bags, check in to the hospital and refuse to leave until I am well.
Over the weekend the Short People took a break from digging in the dirt long enough to attend the birthday parties of two friends. I neglected to bring my camera to one, but the second party was the cutest thing ever. Their buddy Ellie hosted a tea party for her 6th birthday, complete with china, silver, fancy straw hats, and white gloves. The Short People loved it! So girlie.
Now we are preparing for Tracy to make his annual mecca to MerleFest...four days of filth, debauchery and bluegrass. I was a little worried about how I would care for the Short People while he was gone, but my mother has graciously volunteered to come to the Shore and help out. The Short People are thrilled to have their Yo-Yo come for a visit, and I am too. Maybe the antibiotics and steroids will kick in enough that we can make a trip to the beach while she is here.


TheArthurs said...

The hat pictures are precious! That is so very Susan - southern and classy and just what little girls want. My kids are so lucky they're not girls...I think I do better with dinosaurs and outer space.
Sending clear-sinus-vibes your way. Pat has his 4-oz flask, his 8-oz flask, and his new boda bag ready to go booze smugglin'. I just found out yesterday that our own little town of Johnston, IA has a one day bluegrass festival in August to support the local library. They bring in mainly local acts, but apparently it's pretty good. Considering I just heard a bluegrass group on NPR on Sunday who grew up in Michigan and knocked my socks off, I guess folk from the great Midwest can play it after all.

Anyway, get better, my friend, and I'll call you soon.

The Turmanators said...

You have no idea, Janice, how badly I wish you were still on the Shore so we could bachelorette it through the weekend. Remember our Tie-Dye sleepover? We always had a good time while the boys fished or whatever. Miss you!

Deana said...

Sinus problems can really wear you out. I used to get an infection every year. Quitting smoking helped but the biggest thing was I started doing those sinus know the salt water mix and snorted it. Dr. Castillo used to have me do that years ago. Now you can buy the little kettles and mix to do it easier at home. As soon as I feel one coming on I snort that water and clean them out. It has been 3 winters now I have gone without any antibiotics so for me that is wonderful.

I hope they get you fixed up. I know the surgery can be dangerous.

The kids are so sweet!

Delane said...

I had sinus surgery right after Ben was born. It took a really, really, really bad pollup problem (I'll spare you the details, but I thought I had a brain tumor. The family doctor looked up my nose, then literally jumped back and said "Oh, okay, we've got to get you to an ENT specialist, now") to discover that I had apparently broken my nose at some point which created a deviated septum, which in turn caused a normal pollup issue to turn into a terrible one, which caused me to suffer through year long sinus infections in which I couldn't sleep because I couldn't breathe, which led to a weakened immune system, which led to shingles (not fun, not fun at all), and headaches from the sinus pressure, and on and on. Once the surgery was over and the packing was removed, I realized that it was the first time I had been able to completely breath in years. I had no idea, It was awesome. No more sinus infections, no more headaches, etc... Worth every penny and all the pain. Then I accidentally ran into a door frame and BAM, my nose went right back to the way it was. But so far the other side effects haven't returned.