Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Don't push me

I can do it myself

Watch how high

I can swing myself

ha ha ha

Sugar Hill Gang --
"It's Like a Dream Sometimes"

What the hell is happening to the music scene? They Might Be Giants, Dan Zanes from the Del Fuegos, and now the Sugar Hill Gang have become children's musicians? I suppose they have all watched Laurie Berkner make a mint and are trying to revive their failing careers, but I never thought that one of the first rap groups would go from bustin' a rhyme to nursery rhymes. By the way, just in case you were wondering that is NOT the Sugar Hill Gang pictured on the left.

Unfortunately, I actually heard this terrible ditty. I pray I never do again. I am so grateful that the Short People listen to what Tracy and I like. I'n not sure they really understand that there are CDs and even whole radio stations filled with music just for kids, and I consider it my moral obligation as their mother to keep that information a secret for as long as possible. Right now Kate's favorite song is "Statesboro Blues", which India sings along to belting out "Wake up MAMMAL, turn your lamp down low". I couldn't be prouder. They also love Dee-Lite's "Groove Is In The Heart" and Paolo Nutini. I so much prefer these to "Bananaphone" ("Ring, ring ring, ring...." put that in just for you, Derek).

In an effort to further cultivate our children's ears for good music (i.e. stuff their parents can tolerate) we recently visited the 73rd Galax Fiddler's Convention. My parents, my sister and her boyfriend Derek, and some of my sister's friends (Hi Sue!) tagged along and we had a great time. Our hands-down favorite band was Special Ed and the Short Bus (also wins for best band name, with Pink Lloyd and the Wahl coming in second place). My father purchased Special Ed's CD and Derek fervently burned several copies for us all to enjoy on the ride home. I received a frantic call from my parents, who worried that we had tried out the CD in front of the Short People. They were clearly relieved that we hadn't, and suggested that it would be best to wait until the Short People napped to pop it in the stereo. I understood where they were coming from as I listened to lyrics that included some rather graphic descriptions of why the Special Ed needs to "get me some of them pills" (Viagra) and waxes poetic about his "Dirty Baby"'s nether regions. I don't think we'll add this one to the "shuffle" function of our CD player.

One of the most entertaining parts of any music festival is wandering the crowd, llistening to the pick-up bands and people-watching. We witnessed some sort of RV red-carpeted bluegrass award ceremony (they really had a red carpet), lots of pickers, fiddlers, cloggers, flatfooters, and even the odd harmonic player which reportedly inflamed some of the serious old time musicians (harmonicas were not used in true old time music). My favorites were these enormous unmentionables pictured on the left that provided both shade and entertainment. When Tracy escorted the Short People past and asked "Girls, have you ever seen underwear that large?" one of the inhabitants patted the girls on the head and drawled "well, I guess you haven't seen my wife".

After the Fiddler's Convention we just kept heading west to Abingdon to visit Tracy's family. The first night we pulled out Tracy's brother's karaoke machine and I think I made Patsy Kline spin like a rotisserie chicken in her grave. We had such a good time that I forgot to pull out the camera and take any pictures ( I am quite thankful there are no photos of my rendition of "Crazy"). I also neglected to take pictures of my father, Clare and Derek or Sue and Mark. I always do this; when I am just hanging around I will snap away with vigor but give me a party and my focus is having fun. I apologize to all my neglected family and friends and will make an attempt to do better next time, but I can't make any promises. A party is a party!


Deana said...

That is exactly why I never have any pictures of any of our good parties! I get too focused on the socializing!

I heard you saw Mark and sounds like this is a really fun music event and I cannot for the life of me believe I have never ever gone. I've started that way a few times but never made it.

I have laughed all the way through this post. From the panties to the not being the Sugar Hill gang in that photo...good to have you back!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back, I have missed your posts!

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring - Banana phone
Ping pong ping pong ping pong ping - Panana phone
It's no baloney, it ain't a phony
My cellular, bananular phone


The Turmanators said...

Ah, bananaphone. Second only to "Straw-b-b-baw-ba berry, Straw-b-b-baw-ba berry, Straw-b-b-baw-ba berry Shortcake. I know a girl, and there is no one sweeter, she's got that special touch. My best friend in the world, and if you get to meet her, you'll love her BERRY much..." on the annoyance scale.

'B' said...

How ironic is this, I am here watching Bridgett Jones Diary, and then I saw that photo of those undies, I nearly chocked on my coffee!!!

Here from Michele's tonight!

TheArthurs said...

Funny, but I only have positive associations with "Banana Phone" since Keith Olbermann uses it on his show, but only the super-fast, Raffi-on-amphetamines version. Makes me laugh every time, and my boys think that's the only way the song goes (yes, I'll admit that Pat and I sometimes watch Keith Olbermann with kids in the room - bad parents!). Joe and Gus just pause and look confused when they hear the regular speed version.
Fiddler's convention sounds awesome - Pat is jealous.

gautami said...

Thanks for visiting and your very nice comment. Please feel free to use my poem in your field of work, if it helps.

I would be honoured.

I hope you visit India someday with India!

Carmi said...

Those briefs will haunt me in my dreams!


I enjoy your blog more and more with each visit, Amy. I'm so glad that Michele sent me today.