Monday, June 26, 2006


Red is the font color today because I am seeing it. Kate is making me CRAZY(You can always tell when I am feeling extreme; all the font options are paraded out)!!!!!!!

Either I've blocked it out ( distinct possibility...Kate was 6 months old when India was Kate's current age), or India was a much easier toddler. My recollection is that India was a typical 2 year old, but she DID NOT hurl things with fury. She did not scream with a loud and high pitched shriek that gives our dogs seizures. She did not yell "FINE!" with the intensity of a teenager. She did not hit or bite. She did not scowl so frequently that she developed furrows in her brow (yes. already). SHE DID NOT.

Where is this coming from? Before my grandmother died she claimed that Kate possesses some of the "damn Huling"; an infamous genetic strain of bitchy females (No, I don't have it; thank you very much.). Oh, god I hope that isn't it. A phase I can weather, but a lifetime of this fury I just cannot.

More importantly than "where" is the "what", as in "What the hell do I do with her?" I know, I know, firm and consistent limits; that's my mantra. But oh, my goodness her behavior is at times so appalling! Today has just been a rough day. Good thing she's cute and knows how to make up really well ..."I sowwy, Mommy. I be nice now [big kiss on the lips coupled with tight hug]. Wuv oo".

Let's hope for an improvement tomorrow. Otherwise, I may seek pharmaceutical (or ABC store) mood enhancers! Sometimes the therapist needs a therapist. Thanks for listening; bill me later.


Clare said...

All I can say is WOW! I also hope Granny was wrong about that "damn Huling". Hang in there! You can always ship her here for a while if you like!

Hope your day gets better!

The Turmanators said...

You think she is channeling Bopie? God, I hope not; unless that means she can paint...

Clare said...

Paint or no paint I am sure we could all go with out a little Bopie!!!!!! I don't think she has gotten that bad!

Delane said...

Wow, I can sympathize with you. I've stopped trying to describe Ben's recent fits because people laugh, as if it's funny. But if they are lucky enough to see one in person, the laughing stops, they get serious and say "oh, okay, yeah, I see what you mean now." Jackson did nothing like this, ever!