Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Off to the beach with friends! Wednesday's beach was brought to us courtesy of East Point, a little bayside town where my friend Susan is living temporarily until their new home is finished. East Point has a small beach for it's residents; small enough that pines shade most of the sand, keeping eveyone cool and protected. Like most bayside beaches, the water is shallow, calm and warm; just right for little kids! This is the first summer I've been able to sit and watch the girls rather than staying in the water and frantically preventing each girl from drowning as India and Kate swam in different directions. Even nicer, Kate seems more content this year to play in the sand than to swim. I know it won't last, but I'll enjoy it while I can. Below are some photos of my bathing beauties from last year. I just realized that so little has changed that they are even wearing the same swimsuits this year!

I wasn't sure if we would make it to East Point; the girls and I came downstairs this morning to pack a lunch and depart for the beach when I discovered that the dining room table was covered with water. I was more than slightly puzzled until I looked up and discovered that the chandelier looked like an elaborate fountain...water gracefully cascading from the many arms of the fixture. After a flurry of activity that included moving the table and chairs, placing plastic sheeting and a bucket beneath the fixture, and turning off various water sources upstairs, we discovered a BIG leak under a sink. Hopefully the plumbers will come soon.


Clare said...

GREAT PICS!!!!!!!! We missed you and we are both sooooooooo glad you are feeling better! Had a great time in Vermont, you guy's would have loved it! Any time you want to go just say the word!!!!!

Kate really does take after her mommy. Didn't you put blue magic in your hair one time?!?!

The Turmanators said...

Ssshhhhhh! We aren't supposed to talk about the "Blue Magic" episode. Yes, Tracy L. and I coated our hair in it, and it is remarkably like Vaseline. Another Sha-Na-Na moment.