Friday, June 30, 2006

"Here comes the sun...and I's alright"
- George Harrison

The forcast this morning shows a bright, smiling little sun on each day, and most importantly NO RAIN for several days. Thank goodness, because the girls and I are stir crazy. We've done more artwork than you could imagine and had lots of stuck-in-side-can't take-it-anymore outbursts, too. Here's one of India's Jackson Pollock-eske works (minus his alcohol-induced rage). She's sure got an eye for color:

Yesterday was a day of fun social engagements. We were "ladies who lunch" with our friend Susan, the girls' surrogate grandmother. She brought birthday presents for India as well as some for Kate (what grandmother doesn't spoil her grandgirls?) and we indulged in a little ice cream, too. Susan, I know you check in every now and then, so thanks for such a wonderful visit. The girls LOVE all their loot and they have been talking about you all afternoon. They want to know when they will see you again and "Mista Arthur" too.

After lunch it was nap time. Evidently dessert during the day does not agree with me because I felt like somebody slipped me a mickey; I napped along with the girls like R.V. Winkle! Then up and ready for my friend Meredith and her girls for dinner. Thursdays are late meeting nights for Tracy and Meredith's husband just generally works all the time, so it breaks up the monotony to eat together and let the kids destroy the house. The girls were WILD by the end and the house looked like a toy factory gone haywire.

Kate was up at 5:50 this morning. I had gotten spoiled; the last two days she and India slept until 6:30! The first morning it happened I woke up in a panic that was reminescent of the first time your baby sleeps through the night. Are they sick? Did they stop breathing? Mind you, I was not concerned enough to enter her room; didn't want to startle her into actually waking.

My friend Janice (Hi, Janice!) and her sister Lois and I have been exchanging "Bad Mom" stories via e-mail. "Bad Mom" stories began with a discussion about the "Hard Out Here For A Pimp" song that apparently lured Lois and Janice in with it's catchy tune; they found themselves singing it covertly in fear that their children might pick up the lyrics. "Bad Mom" then delved into the realm of liquor store visits and children who play waitress and offer "white or red" beer (that would be my child). My latest Bad Mom story is that both girls love the song "Willin'" so India has been requesting it in the car. Suddenly I realized both girls are warbling along to the chorus "...and if you give me WEED, WHITES and WINE, and you show me a sign...". Oh no! What's next, Bad Company's "I Feel Like Makin' Love"? This I distinctly remember belting out from the back seat when I was a kid, and I don't think I have fallen into depths of depravity (no comments from the peanut gallery).

Mom and Dad are coming for a nice, long visit tomorrow morning and there is lots of boating, beaching and fishing in our future. Have a great weekend, everyone!


C said...

Great painting!!! I would love to have an India original(hint,hint)!