Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's been a busy, HOT, but very fun extended weekend at the Turman house. My parents arrived Saturday morning and stayed with us until mid-day today. During their visit we enjoyed everything we could think of that the Shore has to offer: Arts in the Park festival, local seafood, locally made wine from my friends' Chatham Vineyards, Cedar Island, Cape Charles beach, and the Accomac July 4th parade. The only exception was skipping the Wachapreague Carnival, only because it was too stinkin' hot! Our biggest adventure by far was the trip to Cedar Island. The above picture is the Wachapreague dock about 5 minutes from our house (the carnival is just to the right but a little to small to see in this photo). Since we don't have a boat we rented a small skiff to make the trip. Either the engine was running poorly or we just had too much paraphernalia and people on the boat, but it took us double the normal half hour to make it out to Cedar Island! Other boats were passing us and looking on in concern; we were not even going fast enough to outrun the greenheads and thus were getting eaten alive despite dousing ourselves in DEET. The girls were hot and cranky and not once but twice India had to urinate into a sand bucket during the long journey. Once we arrived we discovered that the skates and nettles (local vernacular for jellyfish) were so prevalent that we gave up swimming and Kate and India were weepy and CRANKY during part of the time, but the scenery was beautiful and for most of the day we had the island to ourselves. Dad and Tracy caught some keepers, as well as a huge skate and a sea turtle; Dad risked life and limb to pull the hook from his very angry mouth. Didn't get a photo of that one; I was too busy playing physician's assistant.

On Monday Tracy worked so Mom, Dad and I took the girls to a bayside beach in Cape Charles, where there were fewer bugs, no skates, smaller nettles, and LOTS of low tide swimming. Much better trip! A dinner of fresh fish and clams completed the day.

Today was my parents first visit to the Accomac 4th of July parade, an event of such small-town sweetness that it might just raise your insulin level. It is the picture of small-town "community" in every sense of the word. This parade was started by 4 families about 40 years ago, and has grown to what you see here. Local families chip in to pay for the popsicles that are given out once the destination is reached. The Eastern Shore Community Band plays patriotic music, and parts of the Declaration of Independence are read. Friends are everywhere, and I love that when I look around I see children that our girls are growing up with.

Thanks, Mom and Dad for a wonderful visit. Hope you and yours had a wonderful, relaxing weekend and July Fourth holiday!


C said...

We missed you guy's this year!! Looks like you had a good time. Miss you and see you soon.

Joyce family said...

What a great weekend, I absolutely love the parade! Brookie and Clarence haven't changed a bit. We all have to get together sometime in the near future.