Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Here comes the bride...dum DUM dum dum...
I have been watching the video of our wedding over, and over, and over, and...well, you get the idea.

India has developed a recent interest in the concept of marriage in general and my marriage in particular, so the video of our wedding rehearsal and reception made by a friends' mother is the penultimate entertainment for her. This frequent wedding-watching has prompted some interesting comments and conversations:

I: Kate, who will you marry?
K: Mommy.
I: You can't marry Mommy; she's a girl! You have to marry a boy! (Not entirely true, but I don't think India is ready for that info yet).
K: thinking for a minute I marry Daddy.
I: You can't marry Daddy; he's already married. I'm going to marry William; how about Henry? (William's brother).
K: NO!
I: Well, you have to marry somebody (again, not entirely true).
K: NO!
I: How about...India begins indescriminately naming boys of various ages?
K: NO! NO!

I've also had loads of fun trying to explain who the "princesses" were (bridesmaids). Why were all the "daddies" (groomsmen) dressed alike with "bows around their necks".Why did I throw a bunch of flowers at my friends? Why did Daddy throw my "shoe" (garter) and Uncle B. catch it in his mouth? Why was the cake so big? Why was the car covered in "paper" (aisle cloth from the church) and what are all those other interesting items and balloons (colored condoms look just like little balloons)on the car? She also wants to know where she was during the do you explain that one?

India was also thrilled with recognizing various friends and family. Each time someone waves at the camera India yells "Mommy, they waved at me!". Randy, if you are reading this she spotted you right away. She didn't recognize her Auntie Clare because you looked (and you were) so young. She loved seeing all her grandparents and also seeing Makey boogying with our friend John...this is my favorite part of the video too. It was bittersweet hearing her shout joyously "There's Granny!" then quietly stating "Granny died".

I hadn't watched this video in so long, and it was lots of fun to see. Tracy and I look so young! That BIG change was made more unavoidable recently by a woman referring to me as Kate's grandmother (yes, I think she was a crack user but I did promptly go out and highlight my hair to cover a few of the greys). It was fantastic to see the faces of many old friends. Mike, you were in there dancing your ass off. I think there is something magical about a wedding reception when such a disparate group comes together to celebrate a marriage, and that was fun to remember. To paraphrase Bob Hope, thanks for the memories, India! And I'll answer your tough questions later. Much later.


Joyce family said...

Great picture! oh how time flies by. I remember your wedding but surely don't remember Mike dancing! Would love to see the video as I am sure we all look really young. I think I remember your cake with white chocolate shavings on it. Boy was that yummy - I could go for a piece right now!

The Turmanators said...

Wow, great memory! Yes, it was covered with white chocolate curls...mostly because buttercream icing makes me barf b/c it is so sweet (I threw up at Tara Massie's birthday party once due to that sugary stuff). AND it was cheaper b/c very little fancy decorating. Isn't it funny that you and Mike were there, but not yet together?

Clare said...

OH MY!I look really young and I have terrible hair!!!!!!!! Derek didn't even recognize me!

Would love to see the video,it's been years since I have seen it. I do remeber Makey dancing & can't wait for Derek to see that!

What great memories!!!

Delane said...

Great wedding party photo. I haven't seen a lot of those people since they were that age, like Kristie, Tracy L, and Cliff. So in my mind, they all still look just like that. Is that Brian Hutchins on the right?