Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trying to keep cool here on the Eastern Shore. It's difficult, believe it or not. We can't make it to the beach every day; even though we are surrounded by water ( 5 mintues from the house to the east and west) true "beaches" are limited and the public ones are 30+ miles away. We did make it today, though, and enjoyed being outside without feeling faint! Monday and Tuesday were pretty miserable and involved quite a bit of ennui on everyone's part.

We hit the beach today with my friend Andrea and 2 of her three children, Nicole and Christopher. In the photo above Nicole informed me as they walked away that she and India were having "girl time". How do you have "girl time" when you are 4 and 5? What were they talking about? Do I want to know? India has seemed so grown up to me lately that this photo seems to foreshadow things to come.

Kate and Christopher are not as covivial as the big girls. There is some serious infighting that goes on there. This was one of their calmer moments. They have quite a system worked out; Christopher is aggressive and in response Kate shrieks until his ears bleed.

I think I hooked Andrea on the sea glass thing. We culled the beach for frosted treasures and this afternoon the girls and I had fun adding to one of our sea glass jars and reviewing our loot.