Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today's picture is for Brooke, who commented on the last entry about how clean the girls were with their popsicles. Notice, Brooke, those photos were taken at the beginning of their popsicle eating. Check out what Kate does with a PB&J. Every time.

India had her 4 year well child checkup yesterday. The cliffhanger we were all holding our breath for...Will India Be Big Enough To Sit In a Booster Seat...or...Is She Still A Midget? Poor little India (and I do mean little) has been mysteriously tiny since birth. Tracy is around 6ft 2in and I am 5ft 7in; India is only in the 10th percentile for height and the 5th for weight. Honestly, on her growth chart the doctor has written Tracy's height, my height, and drawn a big question mark. Yesterday she weighed (drumroll please) 30lb and was 36inches tall. To use a booster she must be 40lb and 40 inches...booster seat, we'll see ya when she's 12.

Everything else checked out perfectly and Dr. David and I did some fast talking about how to deal with shots. We mutually agreed to give some of them now and some of them next year, as they are not required until she is entering kindergarten. By dividing the shots it cuts down on her physical distress and, in my opinion, helps to weed-out confusion should she have an allergic reaction (Kate had one to the MMR).

India is such a toughie! She was a brave, brave girl and after about 60 seconds of crying pronounced that the booboos didn't hurt anymore. She ripped off her band-aids and didn't look back.


Joyce family said...

Love the PB&J shot - that's the best. At least she enjoys the food! I was checking Landon's information and at the end of the school year I think he was 31 lbs and 36 inches tall. Petite isn't bad but it is definitely a mystery with yours and Tracy's height.

connellys said...

We are actually posting!
Loved seeing the pictures of the girls. Their hair has really lightened this summmer. Thinking of you often.

The Turmanators said...

Hey Connellys!
Soooooooo glad you are reading and now commenting; I love hearing from my favorite Aunt and Uncle. Much love to you.