Monday, July 24, 2006

There is a point every year where I just get sick of the heat, and I have reached it. I know when the damp, frigid winds blow from across the Bay in the dead of winter I will miss warmth, but for now I am just burned out on summer.

It's not summer itself...I love the sunshine, the outdoors, the beach...the ease of it all. It's the high heat and humidity that has me over the top. It just drains me. Afternoons seem to go on forever as I try to create activities that keep India and Kate occupied but don't involve leaving the house. We can't play outside in the shade because the mosquitos are vicious, and one can only go to the library, CVS or the Book Bin so many times in a week! We absolutely love living here, but there are times when a Target or mall would be nice for a cool, easy afternoon with the girls. There was a great article in The Virginian-Pilot yesterday about the days before least I can camp out in the house with the cold air pumping!

I took a hiatus from the camera this unplanned boycott but I realize I have nothing to show you. I had a great Girls' Night Out (GNO) on Friday. My friends Sally, Susan and I try to do this every month or so and do a "crawl" of Onancock...drinks and appetizers one spot, dinner another, and dessert in yet another place. Saturday we hosted dinner for a new Doc and his wife and kids who have just moved here from Richmond (very nice with kids our age so we're excited), and Sunday was a lazy day with little accomplished other than Kate wearing underwear for most of the day (successfully, I might add), naps for everyone and a trip to the grocery store. Woohoo, do we know how to live it up!

Have some fun here (especially Clare and Janice) and keep cool this week.


The Turmanators said...

Thanks to Susan N. for the alert that this post first displayed the date "July 29"! No, you weren't crazy. Not sure what happened but I fixed it and now there are 2 places to comment. Gotta love computers. Susan, the girls say "Hi, Soon!"