Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yesterday. Oh, what a day.

Part I:
To the "Y" by 8am for an exercise class. Quick shower (no time for lotion, deod, hairdryer), pick up new babysitter and drive home 65 mph while firing off instructions...babysitter is now scared of me...get new babysitter acclimated to house and girls, leave and drive 70 mph to doctor's office. Wait an hour, see doctor, drive 70 mph home and pick up babysitter, take her home while trying in vain to keep Kate from nodding off in the car, shove food in the girls' mouths to get them down for naps at 1:00 so I can provide clinical supervision for a Master's candidate at 1:30. Kate stops crying at 1:20; my student didn't show.

Part II
Fervently begin baking cookies for a cookout with college friends who are camping on the Shore. Get girls up from naps, dressed and ready for Tracy's arrival. Load the car and drive 30+ min to the campground. Ten minutes before arrival it begins to thunder, lightening, and rain buckets. Enter the campground, request a pass and are informed that they must charge us $12 per person (including the children) to enter. Spend 20 minutes waiting and strategizing, sneak into the campground; the weather becomes monsoonal. Tracy volunteers our house. Another 20 minutes of finagling and beer spillage in my van which is now reeking of brewery. Another 30+ minute drive home our friends, their 3 children and their dog arrive at our FILTHY house. On the way fed the girls 4 cookies each as it ws 1.5 hours past dinner. Had a great visit, which I attempted to document via camera (the 10 year old twins had a great time dressing their 6 year old brother in dress up finery) but my battery died after the first photo shown below. Our guests didn't leave and we didn't get the girls to bed until 9:45 (they usually hit the sack at 8:00). Then the thunderstorms hit...The girls were up at 5:30 this morning, and FOUL. Tracy and I are FOUL. Loooonnnngg day with short people! Let's hope we all rest well tonight.


Delane said...

Wow, what a crazy day!

Clare said...

OH MY!!!!!!!