Thursday, July 20, 2006

INDIA: Mommy, what does a hedgehog sound like?
ME: I don't think they make much of any sound, India.
INDIA: They go "Hedge, Hedge, Hedge". That's what I think.

We have been very busy with not much to show for our efforts over the last couple of days. Each day has been spent going to the "Y" in the mornings, having lunch and naps, then playing outside in the afternoon. Wednesday evening we went out for dinner because our cupboards were bare, then had a stroll around Onancock. To learn more about Onancock check out this website at; it's a great little scenic harbor town.
Thursday night was our final trip to the carnival for the year. Kate cried as we left the grounds and we drove away to the girls' fornlorn refrain of "Goodbye, ponies; goodbye merry-go-round, goodbye totton tandy, goodbye ferris wheel...". Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Tonight Tracy will brave the grocery store with both girls (he can still put Kate in the backpack...too heavy for me) and then treat the girls to a pizza while I have a girls' night out. What a great guy. Thank you, thank you Tracy!


Clare said...

Great pic's!!!!!!!!! Miss you guy's lots!