Monday, June 19, 2006

Okay, not sure what happened to my last post, but the fonts are crazy and one paragraph is so miniscule you need a microscope to read it. It WILL NOT change, no matter what I do. I should count myself lucky that the post even took me 12 hours to get it to publish and even then is vanished for a little while. So now I will attempt to finish:

Father's Day, Part II

I paid homage to Tracy, but I want to also honor my Dad. Hope you read this...I think you occasionally check in. What a wonderful role model you were and continue to be. Your example helped me understand what I wanted in a spouse: kind, generous, caring and always willing to be an equal partner. I learned a lot from you, and not just how to make good Bloody Marys, trout fish and find shark's teeth! Happy Father's Day to Daden from me and your girls.

Also a big Happy Father's Day to Dex, who is half responsible for raising my wonderful husband. Pops, you are a wonderful grandfather and we are looking forward to celebrating both Father's Day and India's birthday with you this weekend.

Yesterday was a big day in the Turman house; it was The First Ballet Lesson. India was so excited she could barely stand herself, nor could the rest of us. The rest of the evening India twirled and leaped until we were all dizzy. I think our birthday gift was a success! So here begins a looooooooong childhood of carpooling, dress rehearsals, recitals and costumes. A familiar life, since I danced from elementary through high school. Kate behaved quite well as we waited in the green room, armed with Color Wonder markers (I thank god every day for their invention) and My Little Ponies, only trying once to enter the studio and "dance wif' Aheenya".


NCArthurs said...

Your fonts came across fine on my computer, so I'm not sure what the story is, but definitely legible on this end.
Great vacation pics! Would you rather I e-mail you ours (which are unforgivably few in number) or burn them on a CD and put them in the mail?
Got your message this morning. I'll try to call later.