Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy anniversary baby
Got you on my mind...
Little River Band -- "Happy Anniversary"

YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And if you include the years we dated (two or three different times) Tracy and I have been together over 20 years. Notice the tres 80s prom photo. For folks not yet 40 that is pretty amazing, if we do say so ourselves.

Although, with my recent illnesses and subsequent weight gain, poor Tracy may be ready to trade me in for a newer model. But he would have a fight on his hands, for sure.

We aren't doing too much to celebrate tonight. This week is all-ballet-all-the-time with practice every night and performances Friday and Saturday, so the Short People and I will not get home tonight until after 6:30. So for tonight it's a romantic candlelight dinner of steamed shimp shared with the Short People ("Mommy, I want more shrimpies....Daddy, peel more now please...I don't like the sauce...etc"). Saturday night we have a babysitter and we are heading out for a real romantic dinner. 'Til then, "Happy Anniversary Baby, got you on my mind"!


Deana said...

Happy Anniversary Guys! Love the 80s flashback there!

Auntie said...

Happy Anniversary, enjoy the shrimpies (love the short people speak). So proud of you two. I was just telling someone the other day that I have know Tracy most of my life!! What a great big brother to have. Love you both very much!!

TheArthurs said...

"Not yet forty," huh? Big T is ticking down pretty quickly on that front, isn't he? :)
Seriously, though, happy anniversary. With my parents' 50th approaching this summer, I'm a bit emotional about milestone anniversaries these days. I'm thinking that any two people who make it past ten and are still in love and committed to it deserve some sort of trophy or the cover of "People" magazine or something.
That's it! I'm putting you and Tracy and the girls on the cover of People. Won't everyone at the Y be surprised!

The Greens said...

Happy Anniversary.

Those prom dresses are totally awesome....fer sure!