Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Well, who are you?

I really wanna know

Tell me, who are you?

'Cause I really wanna know
(Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)

The Who -- "Who Are You"

Thanks to Deana at Friday Night Fish Fry you are going to learn more about me than you may truly want to know, but her questions are great ones so here goes:

1. How did you and your husband decide on where you currently live? We live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia; part of the Delmarva Peninsula in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. Before moving here we were childless, living in Richmond and both working TOO MUCH. I was a therapist at an adolescent residential treatment facility and on call 5 nights a week ("Mrs. Turman, so and so locked herself in the closet and won't come out...what do we do?"). I drove a road rage-inducing commute full of toll booths and traffic jams. Tracy was the administrator of a nursing facility and working 50-60 hours a week. I loved Richmond but we didn't want to raise children like that; when would we ever see them? Tracy received a call from a headhunter about a job here with the local hospital and we took a big risk and moved. I cried the whole way across the Bay Bridge Tunnel, but now you couldn't drag me away. The pace is slow, the water is wonderful, the people are kind, and we love it.

2. If you could take your daughters on a trip to any historic site in the world where would it be and why? (all expenses paid of course). The Galapagos Islands. Not historic in the traditional sense of the word, but it is THE manifestation of evolution and nature. This is where Darwin formed his Theory of Relativity and is now an ecotourism site. The home of the famous turtles, as well as iguanas who swim, fabulous scuba diving, gorgeous flora and fauna, and supposedly pretty untouched. I've always wanted to go, and it would be the perfect way to teach the Short People respect for our world and all it's creatures. Since we are going all expenses paid, let's charter a big yacht with a chef!

3. What flavor Lifesaver would YOU be and why? Does anyone remember the tropical lifesavers? I don't know if they make those anymore, but I loved those and the coconut one was my favorite. Creamy white. Bonus: they remind me of sitting in church with my Grandmother Makey. Whenever I got antsy she would dig in her purse and pull out a roll of those.

4. If you could have any video clip from your childhood, any time period, that you could share with your daughters and Tracy what favorite memory would it be and why? Funny, my Mom and I were just talking about this memory. I always loved the opening day of trout fishing in my hometown. Sounds strange, I know, but our family held a big reunion on that day every year. Everyone would bring wonderful Southern picnic food (deviled eggs, fried chicken, ham biscuits) and pig out, then at 12:00 the streams would open and we would all make a mad dash to fish. We made so much noise that no one caught much, but we had a fantastic time. Today my family has spread far and wide and family reunions happen rarely. I grieve this loss for my girls. It would be wonderful to have a video clip of these moments to share with Tracy and the Short People because they contributed greatly to the values I hold dear today.

5. You love music. You must make the girls a cd that represents your life best. It is to help them know you better when they are older. You can have up to 10 songs on this cd. What songs do you pick to go on this CD? Boy, do I love this question! The problem was narrowing the selections down to 10. Some are symbolic and some I selected just because I love them so. If you asked me this question tomorrow I might have completely different selections but for today they are:

1) Amy -- Pure Prairie League (the obvious choice)
2) R.E.S.P.E.C.T. -- Aretha Franklin
3) Groove Is In The Heart -- DeeLite ( gotta have a little dance music)
4) James River Blues -- Old Crow Medicine Show (a little touch of Richmond)
5) Take 5 -- Dave Brubeck Quartet
6) You and Me -- Neil Young (reminds me of Tracy and I)
7) In My Life -- The Beatles (I sing this to the Short People every night...they call it "Mommy's Song")
8) Pathetique -- Beethoven
9) Immortality -- Pearl Jam
10) Rock 'N Roll Woman -- Buffalo Springfield (it was written about Joni Mitchell but I like to pretend it's written for me)

If anyone else wants to play along then follow these directions:
1. Leave me a comment saying "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your weblog or leave a comment with the answers to the questions.
4., You will include the explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Today's photos are from our first trip to Cape Charles beach on Sunday. Summer is coming...YAY!


Alex said...

Great to see some more Eastern Shore reps in the blogging world. We moved here two years ago and have loved it as much as it seems you do. Despite the schools it has been a great place for our kids. Enjoy the sun!

Deana said...

Those were great answers Amy! Now I want to go to the Galapago Islands! I loved the tropical Lifesavers best too and Martin's favorite memories are of opening day trout season. Sadly they have done away with any opening day now. Too many parties going on at Kibler and elsewhere... and so it is open all year. But they don't stock all year.
I do feel like I know you better.

Auntie said...

Love your answers! Funny, I was talking about the opening day of trout season not that long ago. I miss it! I was explaining how dad and Mike would "call fish” after eating MaKey's beans.

Don’t know if you can do it, since I am not on the same blog site, but I would love to give it a try…INTERVIEW ME!!!! Maybe I can get a Myspace version started!

TheArthurs said...

So fun to read, Amy. Since I'm not nearly tech-savvy enough to have a blog of my own, I won't pass it on, but I loved reading your answers. Believe it or not, I don't think you've ever told me about opening day in your home town. See? I can still learn a new thing or two about you.

The Turmanators said...

Hey, Alex. I've tried to reach your site but it must be protected. How can I contact you? Welcome to the Shore...

Anonymous said...

Boy,would I love to be on Poorhouse Creek AM waiting for the picnic to begin.Those were great times and warm memories.A good way to start a Sunday morning. tell the Girls I said Googly moogly
Love DAD

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