Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tell it to me

Tell it to me

Drink the corn liquor

Let the cocaine be

Cocaine is gonna kill my honey dead

Old Crow Medicine Show -- "Tell It To Me"

ME: Hello, my name is Amy and I'm a Computer Game Aholic.


Welcome to CGAA (Computer Game Aholic's Anonymous). Come with me as I work the 12 steps.

1) Admit that I am powerless over computer games and that my life has become unmanagable (example: "Just five more minutes, girls, and then I'll fix your dinner. It's only can't be that hungry!")

2) Come to believe that a Higher Power can restore me to sanity (example: "That pile of laundry, stack of paperwork, and grocery list is calling me...can you hear it?")

3) Make a decision to turn my will and life over to....
Aahhh, forget it! I'll just keep playing.
I've become hooked on computer puzzle games. In particular I am obsessed with the Nancy Drew series, in which you play the detective and explore all kinds of fabulous locations (a creepy mansion with secret passages, an inn and surrounding villiage, a train) while collecting clues and figuring our "whodoneit". They are wonderful! Right up my alley. I love mystery/suspense books and movies and these games are truly amazing.

The only problem is real life keeps intruding, damn it. Children, dogs, telephones, meetings, household chores, basic personal care...little things like these. At least Tracy is finished with his Masters so I can have access to the computer at night.

Fontella is settling in nicely. She is keeping us up quite a bit at night (2-3 times) but hardly ever has accidents in the house and has already learned to love her crate. Yay! It's going to be a tough week here, though, because Tracy is out of town and I am on deck each night for baby duty. It was almost easier with the Short People because I didn't have to shlep down the stairs and outside! I just walked across the hall, nursed them and put them back in their crib.

I wish I could say Daisy Jane is adjusting as well as the rest of us. On 'Tella's first day Daisy was thrilled with this novel creature but now she is mostly annoyed and at times just plain pissed. She growls whenever Fontella tries to play with her and has found some remarkable places to hide. She is spending increasing amounts of time outside alone, which is not like her. I'm trying to give her lots of extra attention and treats. Hopefully she will settle down soon. Anyone have any suggestions?

Time to wrap this up...I think I can squeeze in a few minutes of a game before the Short People wake up!


Bob-kat said...

Fontella is such a darling! It sounds like you are doing the right thing by giving extra attention to your other pet. I am sure things will settle down soon.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your kind comment. Much appreciated.

Deana said...

Fontella looks like she has made herself right at home. I hate it when I get wrapped in something and then get ill when Martin interrupts me. Then I feel guilty for being so selfish!

I just saw where the Nancy Drew movie was coming out.

The Turmanators said...

Oooh! A Nancy Drew movie? Wish the S.P. were a bit older and could appreciate it. Something to save for later on.

Anonymous said...

turmanators I'm with you on the computer games.

I've slowed a bit over the last couple of years, but a while back I had reason to collect all the boxes and odd computer games I've purchased for storing in a box. Gazing upon the heaps of games stacked in that box my jaw just dropped. Can it be that I have played all those?

Recent nasty turn of events: After a hiatus from playing, I fired up my Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory to discover I have somehow unwittingly deleted my saved file...grrrr! Guess I'll just have to start from the beginning :)