Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pretty in pink
Isn't she?
Pretty in pink
Isn't she?
Psychedelic Furs -- "Pretty in Pink"
Boy, did I love that song - that group. Dates me a little, huh? It stuck in my head as I snapped photos of the Short People entertaining themselves in the front yard in their pink shirts yesterday afternoon. They actually ignored me for a full 15 minutes while they picked buttercups. I was able to talk to my friend Janice (Hi, Janice!) for a looooong time without the usual whining and infighting. Wonderful!

I don't intentionally dress the Short People alike; they insist on it. If one has a ponytail, skirt, sandals, ______(fill in the blank) the other must sport said item as well. Earlier in the day Kate had a ponytail just like India's but she took it out. They were also wearing matching shoes. Today they are wearing matching dresses. I kid you not, if one has a BM the other will seek out a free bathroom to follow suit. Really.

I returned to the YMCA today for the first time in over 5 months. OUCH! I was pitifully out of shape but it felt great to be back. Kate had missed the KidsKare room and fully enjoyed herself, too. Maybe I'm on the road to recovery?Can't go today; we have playgroup this morning, but I'm planning to head back tomorrow.

Tonight Tracy logs on to his Master's Program to complete homework FOR THE LAST TIME. The past two years of his on-line schoolwork have been painful for all concerned, but mostly for him and I am so happy for and proud of him. Congratulations! We're celebrating with a Family Fiesta tonight...mambo music, dancing and yummy Mexican food. Celebramos!


Auntie said...

Congratulations, Tracy! I know you are all glad that its over. Have fun this PM, wish I was there to celebrate and mambo in the kitchen with you.

Please give the girls a big hug and kiss from me and Unkie D!

TheArthurs said...

I adore the buttercup picture. Funny, if I try to dress my boys in even slightly similar clothing, they bristle and immediately accuse each other of "copying!" Yet another difference between girls and boys.
It was so nice to talk yesterday. I told Pat about our Ocracoke conversation. He's all over it and thinks we should drive out next summer, spend a couple of days with Lois and Ed, then head south to meet up with you all and head for the island. I wonder if "our" house would be available? :)

The Turmanators said...

Oh, I hope so. If we have a boat we can take it, although it won't be as nice a ride as Pat's old one. More shelling for us!! Tell Pat I think in a year or two a trip to Sanibel Island will be in order (with or without Short People; I don't care).

Princess said...

Ok, I'm going to try this again!!!
I must say Congratulations to Tracy it IS time to
C E L E B R A T E!!

We Love You - the Yo

dadden said...

I smell a boat!!!!!!!!!!!

Auntie said...

I am proud of you Dadden and Yoyo!!!! Way to comment!!!

Unkie D said...

Did somebody say a boat?!

TheArthurs said...

I think nothing would make Pat happier than going to Ocracoke with dear friends and a boat of which he is not the captain. Let's start planning!

Auntie said...

We are not headed to Charleston, got your message last PM. We are just going to have a quiet weekend here and dinner downtown!!! Will call you this PM.

Deana said...

Congratulations Tracy! You guys enjoy the mambo and I hope you aren't too sore for it Amy! I feel like I stay sore anymore.

I love the girls picture...I loved the movie by the same name too!

Mr. Althouse said...

I love the name of your blog. And how true... I remember well. There were times when 15 minutes of peace were worth all the money in the world. Now, life is more peaceful than not.

Michele sent me,


colleen said...

Hi Amy, What a great title... Long Day with Short People! Are the short people twins? My guys might be tall now, but I still love children and consider being an advocate for them as part of my life's calling. I got our library to carry Mothering Magazine and I still check it out!

The photo is excellent. Thanks for dropping by.

Anita said...

Visiting from Michele's today.

The pic is ADORABLE!!! And that's so cute how they have to be alike. My boys are the opposite; pretty much they mostly want to beat each other up.

Congrats on the scholastic achievements as well! Sounds like a great day for you and your family. :)

Diane said...

Great song! The Pretty in Pink soundtrack is one of my favorite albums