Monday, May 28, 2007

Bicycle bicycle bicycle...

I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like
Queen -- "Bicyle Race"
It was an early birthday celebration this holiday weekend as Tracy's parents came for a visit, bringing with them lots of goodies for India, the soon-to-be five year old Short Person. She was thrilled with her fancy pink bike. We spent lots of time outside playing and Pops fixed the reverse on the Short People's gator. Yay! No more running into things then parking and walking away because they couldn't back the thing up. It was beginning to look like the crash test institute around here. Thanks, Dex.

We also hit the annual CBES Pig Roast (Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore: This event is a fundraiser for CBES, an organization that lobbies for a cleaner, well-preserved environment, cautious development and local control of our Eastern Shore. Another organization I plan to volunteer with sometime...I'll just add it to the list. The Roast is held on some property that belongs to the family of a friend of mine, the lucky girl. Just look at that view! There are hay rides and contests for the children, lots of good friends, the odd politician, and plenty of mosquitos. Welcome to the Shore.

Today we played HARD, spending the day welcoming the uofficial start to summer. And it feels like it! We also constructed a teepee for the Short People; all I have to do is finish wrapping it with twine and then plant some sweet peas and moonflowers and VOILA, and wonderful play tent. Now we are all exhausted, especially Fontella. Hope your long weekend was fun-filled, too.


Star said...

Lucky girl.her own Teepee. Michele sent me.

Dawn said...

I love the picture of the daughter would be so upset if she saw that because she would want to have one in the backyard ;)

Auntie said...

Hi Hi Hi! Looks like you had a great weekend. How exciting that India has a big girl bike, and a pink one too. Love the teepee, very creative. I am going to need you as a consultant when I have kids!

I started a blog on this site yesterday and my 1st task is to answer your questions. I should have that done in the next few days. Will send you the link later today, may do a name change.

Hope all is well on the shore, talk to you soon!

The Turmanators said...

Yay Clare! A blog...I'm excited to have another site to stalk. Send me the link ASAP and I will add it to my list.

Anonymous said...

here is the info..
The Sunday Night Buttermilk Waltz

we will see how this goes!

Blue Monkey Jammies said...

What great photographs! That's one sweet looking pooch. Thank you so much for sharing. We have a long weekend coming up down here in Australia and my list of 'To Do & See' just keeps getting longer. I might have to clone myself to get through it all! :)

Dadden said...

Just checked the blog,some great pics...... about that May 20 posting.....I thought Elton was singing about Tony Danza.Way long overdue for that hearing test or is it just chronic lyritosis again.
Can hardly wait to see you all.

The Turmanators said...

Glad that your recent hearing loss hasn't affected your sense of humor,Dad. You know, Elton really COULD have been singing about Tony Danza. See you in a few days!

Deana said...

Fontella is out cold! How cute. That is a great the teepee and it looks like you guys are kicking off summer with a bang.

Your pictures were great. And I meant to tell you that I LOVE your profile photo with the margarita!