Friday, June 01, 2007

As you start to lose your grip
You will stumble as you slip
As you tripped at every step
Elvis Costello -- "You Tripped at Every Step"
I am getting so tired
Of standing in this light
Can't you hear me cry.
Boo, hoo, hoo, boo, hoo, hoo
Neil Young -- "Cry, Cry, Cry"

I just couldn't decide which song would most appropriately represent the Short People's preschool graduation ceremony, so I opted for both. Now, I know all you intelligent readers are thinking...did someone fall? Did someone cry?

Why yes.

India fell completely off the top bleachers during her graduation ceremony. I was watching through the lens of my camera and one minute she was there, smiling away, and the next she vanished. She was quickly scooped up by a teacher, cuddled, and returned. She stood bravely, smiling, singing and doing every hand motion perfectly with big tears running down her cheeks. Ever the performer, India knew that the show must go on.

Kate, on the other hand, could care less about showmanship. Nor did she have any excuse for sobbing through much of the ceremony. She just felt overwhelmed and shy. She managed to pull it together for the portion where each child introduces themselves, and felt comfortable enough to show the entire audience her underwear as her peers took their turns, but later became so hysterical that they had to remove her from the stage and bring her to us.

There is only room for one Short People diva, and I think India is it.

In other graduation news one girl repeatedly pulled her dress over her head, a little boy wet his pants, and there plenty of nose-picking and hitting. There was even one incident of sexual harrassment as a boy lifted up India's friend Allie's dress and took a peek. Allie retaliated by pinching him a couple of go, Allie! Can't wait to see the DVD.


Katie Clare said...

Love the pics, I stole on to put on my page (hope you don’t mind) Will call this PM to catch up! I am so proud of India, what a grown up girl. Poor Kate, I am shy like that in front of crowds and often feel like crying, myself. I opted out on a certain English class in college b/c it required public speaking. I hope that is something she grows out of!!!

P.S. India’s bracelet looks great!!

Miss you and can't wait to see you!

Deana said...

I got Izzy that same dress, the one with the bow on the shoulder, for Easter...I love that dress. I think it is so stylish!

How awful that the child went right out of your lens! It is funny but not funny. I am glad she wasn't hurt. And I don't blame you, I would cry too.

They are both such pretty little angels!