Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boat drinks
Waitress I need two more boat drinks
Then I'm headin south 'fore my dream shrinks
I gotta go where its warm
Jimmy Buffet -- "Boat Drinks"

Ahoy, Matie! After a decade of living on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, who's true beauty is only visible by leaving the shore line, we are finally boat owners.

We picked it up (I just refuse to call the boat a HER) last Sunday. We must purchase a few additions to please the Coast Guard gods and then we may go for our maiden voyage. The weather looks great for Saturday and Sunday so I hope to return laden with tales of adventure, bags of whelks, and a camera full of photos for you to enjoy. Until then, check out the Short People pretending to fish and crab from the boat. Tracy was so proud!

But, in true Turman fashion, we buy a boat and three days later find out that we will be unable to enjoy it as much as we'd like. I continue to have a raging staph infection in my sinuses despite three months of hefty antibiotics. I don't feel great, either, as you can imagine. So I will be having that terrible sinus surgery. Yuck! It will be completely worth it if it helps me feel better, but it will interfere with sailing the high seas (or the Bay and sound, anyway). It will also make caring for the Short People a bit difficult. Once we know when I will have the surgery we are going to have to piece together some child care.

Besides the boat pictures, I am posting a photo of India that I took at the request of my friend Sally, who is the Marketing Director for our hospital. She needed a photo of a child wearing a hat in a playground setting for an article coming out in the hospital newsletter. Kate refused to participate. She is one stubborn girl!

The other photo illustrates the Short People after a playdate with their friends Ellie and Anne. The are in a newly-built home with dirt ALL around. They played all afternoon in the dirt and then snacked on popsicles. Notice the rivulets of popsickle juice that trickled through the dirt on Kate's legs. After I took this photo the Short People were ordered to strip right there on the porch and march right upstairs for a bath. I briefly considered taking a photo of the aftermath in the tub, so shocking was it's condition. I think I could've repotted a few plants with the soil left in the bath.


TheArthurs said...

Oh man - the boat is fabulous! Pat is so happy for/jealous of Tracy. (Speaking of Pat, do tell your husband that Pat has been meaning to call all week but hasn't been getting home from work until it's way past your East coast bedtime.)
We will much anticipate the day when we can get out that way and take HER for a spin. ;)

Deana said...

I hate that about your surgery. I know you'll feel much better but being down is going to be a bummer for the summer. And I just love the new boat, how exciting to be "boat people". I like that.

The photo is very cute for the paper, your friend will be pleased I'm sure.

Deana said...

PS- did India get a new little hair do because I've noticed it being really cute in the past 2 posts.

The Turmanators said...

Oh, yes. New 'do. She was initially crushed b/c she wants loooonnng hair like some of her friends, but now she is thrilled to have some curl. Her little face is so small that long hair just doesn't suit. She will be pleased that you noticed!

Mike said...

Good luck with the boat and with your surgery.

Michele sent me.

El said...

Oh how I can remember summers spent looking just like that. The bottoms of my feet would be black by the end of the day. Hooray about the boat; not so much about your surgery, though if it makes you better Amy, then a super duper hoorah for that!! Thinking of you all in Richmond. Love, El

Joyce family said...

The girls look like they are having a fun summer. Ella has shirts just like India's in her pictures but Ella's stay dirty constantly.

Hope your surgery goes well. I'm sure it will be tough but hopefully the outcome will all be worth it.

Have fun in the boat, Mike is jealous.

Katie Clare said...

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