Sunday, June 10, 2007

Isnt she lovely

Isnt she wonderful...
I never thought through love we'd be
Making one as lovely as she
But isnt she lovely made from love
Stevie Wonder -- "Isn't She Lovely"
Happy Happy Birthday to my 5 year old Short Person! India's birthday was June 6th and we celebrated twice; a trip to Richmond to visit my parents over the 6th and then a ballerina birthday party on Saturday the 9th.

Nothing says happy birthday like 12 little divas in tutus. India requested a ballerina party for her friends; "No boys this year, Mommy!" . Basically we covered the house in pink and white crepe paper and pink balloons, gave each girls a tutu and let them loose in the yard to act like anything but graceful, calm, serene ballerinas. Oh, and there was a ballet slipper pinata that some of these girls wailed on like Charlie Watts.

There was one little bump on the road to birthday party bliss; the cake. I love to bake cakes for the Short People's birthdays and this year India requested a pink ballerina cake with pink icing. I found some directions for making a ballet slipper cake and worked most of the day friday on baking, tinting icing, etcetera. When I started adding the crumb coat the cake was literally crumbling into hunks. Long story short, I placed an urgent phone call at 4:15 on Friday to Kate's Cupboard for an emergency birthday cake to be ready at 10:00 Saturday morning. There was a lot of cursing under my breath, for sure, but as long as there is icing and ice cream (they really don't even eat the cake) everyone is happy. Even me. Once I got over the temper tantrum, that is.
Today we are off to pick up a present for Tracy (and the rest of us, too)...A BOAT! We have lived here for almost 10 years without a boat, and now we are finally going to be able to reach the barrier islands and they Bay whenever we want. We have both seaside and bayside access 5 minutes from our home. Chez Turman B&B is open for business. Any takers?



Prego said...

No boys this year, eh?
I doubt your short person will make that request in seven years!


We made a guitar shaped cake once. What a pain in the neck that was. We've gone the bakery route the past couple of b-days.

nice to meet you. here via michele.


David said...

hee from michele
and the B&B sounds good
will trade for space in the mountains of southern Calif!

TheArthurs said...

The pic of your mom with the t-ball bat is precious. Do your girls get their princess tendencies from your side of the family? :)
So the adventures in cake-baking continue. Can't wait to hear what happens next year.
Congrats on the boat! We got Tracy's message last evening but not until late. Can't wait to take it for a spin (Ocracoke 2008!)We were busy unpacking from a weekend of campfires, hiking, and two tons of grime. I consider myself kind of a wussy car-camper, but it still feels pretty gritty to sleep on the ground and cook over the fire for a couple of days. As long as we had the propane stove with attendent coffee maker along, I was good.
I'll call this week to catch up.

El said...

Happy birthday India!! Love, Jordan, Jake, El, and William

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I have ever seen The Yo play t-ball!

Very cute pics. Congrats on the boat, can't wait to take a ride and catch some good dinner.