Thursday, June 07, 2007

She poured some of the wine from the bottle into the glass

And raised it to her lips
And just before she drank it,
She said: Spill the wine and take that pearl
War with Eric Burden --
"Spill the Wine"

Been out of town a few days to visit my parents and celebrate India's 5th birthday. Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I'll do a birthday post later, but I just had to squeeze in a quick post about last Saturday night.

Tracy and I and another couple went to a cocktail party and then out to Bizotto's, one of our favorite local restaurants. We ordered a nice bottle of pinot noir and then wanted another. We all enjoy wine and love to try different bottles, so we selected another variety. The discussion with our waiter went a little sump'm like dis:

Tracy: We'd like another bottle of pinot noir, but we'd like to try the cheaper bottle this time.
Waiter: The mumble mumble mumble?
Tracy: I think so; the $20 bottle.

The waiter brought the bottle and as Tracy tasted it:

Tracy: I must be a cheap date...I like this much better than the first bottle!

Well folks, we had a great time laughing and talking and knowing someone else was putting our children to bed, so we lingered over our dinners, then dessert and coffee. When the waiter brought the bill (we were the last table in the restaurant) Tracy looked it over and burst into hysterical laughter. Everyone begged to know what was so darn funny, but he was speechless so he passed the bill around the table and everyone reacted with either laughter or stunned silence.



I was ready to offer to wash dishes, especially after we determined that our waiter was Mr. Bizotto's son. Miguel Bizotto, who is not only the owner but is also the chef, came out and talked to us. After scamming some free medical advice from our friend about a recent burn, he agreed to charge us $70 for the wine. His son stated that he thought Tracy requested the "million dollar" bottle of pinot noir.

Lesson #1: Read the label on your bottle

Lesson #2: Remember that markup on wine from wholesale is about 120%

Today's photos are from our recent trip to Maymont Park in Richmond . Take notes; I know we all want to copy these garden designs for our own homes.


texasblu said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

Oh tooo funny! I just can't imagine! :O

Janet said...

ROFLMAO! Man, that waiter doesn't have too much on the ball does he?

Anonymous said...

I love the pics! Makes me really miss Richmond. I am so glad you had fun and I loved the phone call(can't believe that mom and dad were up at 9:30 PM)!! I am having Derek proof read the questions so they should be ready soon. I have a fun thing for you to try, I sent it out via myspace and email to Sue and a few other people, will send it tomorrow, you should post it on here.

P.S. I think we need an Eddie Murphy post with "boogie in ya butt" as the main feature.

Kiss the girls!


The Turmanators said...

I sincerely hope that nothing happens that requires me to use a song about putting things "in ya butt"!

'B' said...

Wash dish's, do the dusting polish the silver... What ever but pay that BILL!!!
I would have FREAKED in deeed, how was your, not to mention your friends, blood pressure??
Here from Michele's on a wet Friday evening here in Sydney...
Love the pics to BTW, what a lovely Garden! Almost as lovely as the Garden where I work here in Sydney...???

TheArthurs said...

I love the pictures, Amy. They make me lonely for the Southeast. We have our wide open spaces here (walked to Walgreens with the kids yesterday and passed an enormous cornfield - right here in the burbs), but nothing as lush and lovely as the plethora of growth you get out there. Must have something to do with the fact that out there something is growing most of the year while here everything gets killed off during the winter and has to start fresh every spring.
Anyway, can't wait to see birthday pictures of your big girl!

Linda said...

This is why I don't order wine by the bottle in restaurants anymore, lol! I am a wine lover as well, and I STILL cringe when I spend more than $60 on a bottle of wine (but if you love sweet wines, you MUST, MUST try an Ice Wine - oh YUM!).

Michele sent me this a.m.!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Well, is it any wonder that the wine was so much better....LOL!
Something was certainly lost in 'translation', wasn't it?

I love those pictures of that BEAUTIFUL place in Richmond...!

Mr. Althouse said...

That's a good story. No wonder it was so much better!

Great photos... just added to the places to visit before I die.

Michele sent me,


Anonymous said...

What a great post! I can just see the looks on the faces. From despair to hillarity.

The pictures are beautiful....the children beautiful...thanks for taking us along on your dinner out.

Michele says hi.

Thumper said...

Whoa...for $170 each and every grape that went into that bottle better have been personally stomped by the feet of 20 bleach-cleaned virgins...

Michele sent me over to be amazed :)

Deana said...

And that is why I almost passed out when we got our Saint Martin credit card bill...we had a $500 charge for one night in a restaurant splitting it with another couple because of $200 pink champagne. It isn't as much fun when you sober up!!! LOL. If it is with good friends and makes good memories it is worth it. Sounds like a great trip out.