Thursday, June 21, 2007

Father's Day Weekend" Part II

Oh Daddy,
You soothe me with your smile
You're letting me know
You're the best thing in my life
Fleetwood Mac -- "Oh, Daddy"

Happy, Happy Father's Day (belatedly posted) to Tracy. The Short People and I are so lucky to have you.

To honor Tracy, the Turmanators spent Father's day on the seaside of our Eastern Shore. This is, hands down, our favorite spot here...the reason we live in this special place.
The seaside is dotted with several Barrier Islands. These Islands are a series of very small, unihabited land masses that protect our coastline and are teeming with wildlife. Biologists studying our Islands have stated that they are some of the most productive on the planet, and The Nature Conservancy works steadily to prevent these jewels from development so they will remain wild and untamed, just like we like them.
Hard to believe that this oasis is, perhaps, a half hour's trip from our home. The unspoiled landscape is a sight to behold. The pictured buildings are an abandoned coast guard station on Cedar Island that featured in a short-lived 1960's development scheme and is now a privately-owned hunting lodge. Power is gererator-operated and the bugs are FEROCIOUS. Not sure I would want to spend more than a night or two but it would be worth some bug bites (even the Eastern Shore kind) to wake up to a sunrise here.

Father's Day was a perfect day on the seaside. The boating was smooth despite running aground twice. This is a common occurance on the seaside because the landscape changes almost weekly; the currents and storms are forever altering our coastline, making it a bit unpredictable. Unless you ruin your motor (we didn't) you just have to get out and push a bit. Tracy and I both got out and sank to our shins in good ole seaside muck and set off.

One of my favorite things about the seaside is the beachcombing (yes, Janice, I missed Pat terribly. No one else appreciated my delight over jingle shells, chunks of sea glass and a whale vertebrae). You never know what you will find. I once stumbled upon a perfectly preserved, puffed-up puffer fish. So cool. Hermit crabs are rampant, and I have also seen giant manta rays, sharks, sea snakes, millions of turtles, and have heard tales of sea otters. Some islands inhabit deer and raccoon as well.
For Tracy, the day would have been Nirvana had the fishing been good. It wasn't. But he and our friend, John, had a great time casting while baiting the hooks of our collective children, smoking cigars, and reveling in the day. Susan and I enjoyed walking on the beach and a swim. Bet you can't guess where we are heading next weekend!



Deana said...

I am sooo jealous! It all sounds perfect. Are you taking the boat next weekend? Maybe Charleston or Savannah? I don't know how far those things are by water....I'm not the best judge of nautical mileage.

Prego said...

Nice day... Did Tracy spend the afternoon vaccuuming sand from the back seat? That's what chafes me the most about a day at the beach.

My Father's day was nice. I got to take a nap after my 6 am hockey game, I got my first Father's day tie, and sockeye salmon for dinner.


TheArthurs said...

Oh - ImissitImissitImissit!!! I am so happy for you guys that you have the boat and get to enjoy that when the mood strikes you.
The best thing about a barrier island day at the beach is that by the time you get back to the boat ramp and into the car, the sand is pretty much all dried up and just brushes away. Crank up the air conditioning and you're golden.
Beautiful pics. What boat ramp did you use?

kenju said...

Michele sent me; you had as nice a Father's Day as we did. We are at the beach and loving it!

Scribbles & Bits said...

That sounds like an awesome father's day! No pictures of the vertebrae? I'll bet that was really neat-looking!

Annie said...

Great pics! Makes me want to fold myself into an email and scoot on over!

Father's Day in Australia is in September so I have a few months yet.

Thanks for dropping by Blue Monkey Jammies today. Your visits are always welcome. Bring cheesecake next time :)

Bob-kat said...

That place looks wonderful and I am so glad that those islands are being preserved as natural habitats. It sounds like you had a great time. Lovely :)

Michele sent me to say hi!