Sunday, April 16, 2006

Despite the ugly behavior from yesterday, the Easter Bunny did make an appearance at the Turman house (notice India's surprise!). Kate was up before six but luckily did not remember to anticipate presents so I was able to hold off the melee until India woke up at 6:30. That wiley Bunny knew of my girls' love of sunglasses (that's "asses" to Kate) and dress-up clothing, so we had a very Elton John Easter. The Easter Bunny also thoughtfully provided some chapstick for each child, which they use every 3.6 seconds throughout the day. They have the best-lubed lips in Virginia, and the couches, dogs, and other household items are suspiciously cherry-scented.

My favorite moment of the day was when India disappeared upstairs, emerging 10 minutes later wearing her pink dress and CHRISTMAS socks:
Tracy: "Why are you wearing Christmas socks on Easter, India?"
India: "Because I don't have Easter socks."

We laughed so hard that she burst into tears and all day reflected back "do you remember when you laughed at me about the socks?". Kate then had to put on her Christmas socks, which we barely noticed under all the tulle and chapstick.

Tracy finished his paper and now has to prepare for an on-line group project meeting (can you believe that?), so time to sign off.


Clare said...

Yes, Kate does look a bit like Elton John! What is it with your girls and sunglasses? I know where they get the chapstick thing but glasses? Must be a Yoyo thing!!! Before you know it they will be wearing them on their heads!

Joyce family said...

The girls look "fabulous" - where can I get such attire? I know all too well that I will have plenty of it around my house sooner or later so just joking.

Delane said...

I love the Christmas sock story and Kate's photo. That Easter Bunny is pretty slick when it comes to knowing what the kids like. At our house he hid a Batman egg with 40 temporary Batman tattoos inside. Jackson is sporting at least a dozen of them already. He also managed to sneak his baby brother off long enough to put a few on him as well.