Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's 8:30 in the evening, and I have the WHOLE HOUSE to myself. The girls are in bed and Tracy is in Durham with 3 buddies preparing to leave for a weekend at Merle Fest (bluegrass festival in NC). They are going to have a great time and hopefully not get arrested. Merle Fest is held in a dry county, which the boys did not realize until well after purchasing tickets. This caused great consternation and a need for serious scheming about how to work around what is a major dilemma. Our friend Tom (also Tracy's doc...scary) suggested that he have his leg amputated, give himself a few weeks to recover and be fitted for a prosthesis, fill the artificial leg with alcohol, drill holes in the toes, and there you go. My father, who probably secretly wishes he were going, suggested catheters taped to their backs with the tubes running down their arms for an instant "tap" (if you are unfamiliar with catheters, think of using them opposite of their intended direction). Of course, the wives' ideas, which involved emptying out Sprite bottles or OJ cartons, were sneered at as too banal. You know, I have no idea what they decided to do. Can't wait to hear about it; glad I'm not going.

Tonight I went to my friend Meredith's for dinner. Her husband is not a Merle Fest attendee, but he builds docks and is often busy until sunset so we frequently take turns hosting dinners and letting our girls play. I've been calling this foursome the dress-up divas, and tonight was no exception. Notice Isabelle (curly brown hair) is actually wearing a real Christmas tree skirt!!! Clare, does this remind you of Bernice from "Designing Women"?


Clare said...

I LOVE IT! I will not go into my Bernice ipersonation because it's just not appropriate!!! Do you remember what she used to sing to Anthony? I really miss that show.

I have a funny to tell you. It's from the same child who brought us... "OH YEAH". I thought of calling you as soon as it was passed along to me. I will call you this weekend and fill you in.

Are you going to the shower on Sat?

The Turmanators said...

I was drinking h2o when I read about the Bernice impersonation and I spit it out from laughing..."%$#&@ Man, *#%$^ Man"!
No, no shower for me. Tracy is out of town, it's 2 hours away, and in the p.m. You?

NCArthurs said...

Well, the boys got on the road at about 10AM and, according to Susan, came back an hour or so later to get a forgotten camping chair (Pat's marsh-chair that he found in our swamp). Couldn't do Merlefest without it. Apparently, they had not been on the road all that time but were shopping - grocery store? pharmacy? medical supply super-store? Susan chose not to ask, and nosy-me was away at my moms' group thing, so it's a mystery. Probably better left that way. I returned home to find a tarp on the dining room floor ("tarp?" I said to myself, "how curious!"). Anyway, they're on their way. Love the girls' get-ups, btw.

Joyce family said...

Girls are great - the tree skirt especially - right now I am just trying to stick to one outfit a day that isn't spit up on. Should tell Tracy to stop by if they rush by our town on the way - we are only about an hour from merlefest and we have always wanted to go. Maybe later when the kids are older.