Saturday, April 29, 2006

Here I am, solo-flying the parent plane, and India and I have a stomach bug (the 3rd time at the Turman's this year, I might add). The illness unfolded as the girls were home with Tiffany, our babysitter, and I was at "spa night" at our YMCA then out for dinner and drinks with some friends. Spa night was a fundraiser where we received massages, manicures, etcetera. The manicures, makeup and jewelry exhibits did not thrill me (I'll take any excuse to get out of the house with friends) but the massage sure did. If I ever have disposable income the one selfish thing I would do is get a massage a's one of my favorite things in the world. Dinner was great fun and it will be no surprise to some of you that we were sometimes inappropriate and consistently just plain loud. Some observations about the evening:

  • when your babysitter is trying to call you to tell you your child is throwing up, it is important to have the cell phone volume on high enough that you will actually hear it
  • sauteed zucchini and crystal mushrooms, fruited risotto, mushroom salad and 4 glasses of sangria do not mix well with a queasy stomach
  • cleaning up your preschooler's yucky sheets does not mix well with a queasy stomach
  • it's hard to fall asleep until after 1:30 or so with a queasy stomach
  • sick children still wake up at 6am

I was supposed to take my friend Mary's son, William, today. Mary's husband is Tom (think prosthetic leg alcohol container from previous blog) and William is the boy India wants to marry. Clearly Mary doesn't want William within 12 miles of Toxic House, so we had to cancel. India is crushed, both because she loves playing with William and because I was going to take them to the beach to play. William is evidentally crushed, too, but I suspect that is mostly because he was looking forward to taking the girls' John Deere gator for a spin. India and Kate don't know this, but Mary and I were also going to take our kids out for Mexican I'm facing a day of not leaving the house while India and I feel terrible and Kate has the energy of a manic gerbil.

I've finally gotten around to adding some links. I am especially hoping you will all visit the Neil Young site. He has a new anti-Bush, anti-war CD that can be downloaded for's not quite "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" but on first listen is somewhat decent and, anyway, you just gotta love Neil. The Unemployed Democrats site is where I order my favorite bumper stickers. Mike and Dad; don't think you will like this stuff so I' m sorry. Mom, Janice, Clare, Cliff and Delane; knock yourselves out.


Delane said...

Sorry about all the queasiness.

We had Neil on bright and early this morning after getting the link from a a friend in Floyd.

Hope Tracy is enjoying Merlefest. It's an awesome weekend for it.