Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today started at 4am with India having a nightmare. She promptly went back to sleep and later informed me that there was a monster on her wall with big teeth, big feet and big knees (knees?). She stated that she was able to shoo the monster away with her "blankie"; go girl!

No preschool today because of the Easter holiday, so I am trying to come up with projects to keep everyone focused ( focused = not fighting) and to avoid a need for wine (for me, not the girls) at 5pm sharp! We completed some sand art today and spent a lot of time outside. Tracy fed the girls while I went to a Board meeting, and I received the best greeting when I came in...choruses of "We missed you, Mommy!" and orders to "sit here" were a great welcome home.

Kate's vocabulary is extensive, but almost every word starts with a D or a T. Tonight while brushing teeth she asked for a "touple mo" sips of cute. She also says "you dop!" (you stop), which is not very polite but makes me secretly smile. Kate is one tough cookie. Tracy is chomping at the bit to start his accounting homework, and it may take me 10 minutes to figure out how to post a picture, so all for now.


MikeJ said...

Like the site! Your girls are beautiful. Yes - we are trying to fill spring break time too. Thank goodness for the good weather so we can play outdoors.

Delane said...

The sand art looks like a fun project. I agree with Brooke that your girls are beautiful. When Ben wakes up in the middle of the night he comes upstairs and climbs into bed with us. Sometimes, like this morning, we don't know he's there until we wake up. But Jackson always yells for his mommy.