Saturday, April 15, 2006

"What's so funny bout peace, love and understanding?" -Elvis Costello

I'm almost afraid to write today...the amount of screaming, time outs, fighting (not to mention near melt-downs on my part) have reached epic proportions in the last 2 days! (Brooke, I think I lied about it getting easier.) India and Kate knew we had a dinner party to go to last night and, although they love their babysitter, they walked around the second-half of yesterday sobbing "No Tiffany, Mommy; NONONONONONONONONO TIFFANY!!!! NO NO NO!" These exclamations were shouted in conjunction with lots of leg-hanging, begging to "hold me" and sniffling. This happened for approximately 2 hours off and on. When we left I had to wrench my shirt and necklace from Kate's surprisingly strong fist and Tracy and I literally ran out the door and rode around for 15 minutes rather than remain in that house another second!

Unfortunately today seems to be Take Your Aggression About Having A Babysitter Last Night Out On Your Mother Day. This holiday seems to come around with frequency, unlike the good ones. Tracy went to his office to work on a paper and the girls were determined to drive me crazy to exact their revenge. In one hour's time we had a broken Easter snow globe that scattered miniscule pieces of glass, oily water and "snow" all over Kate's seat, 2 spilled containers of Easter egg dye (did you know this looks very pretty on unsealed hardwood flooring?), at least 4 screaming matches between the sisters...I feel sure there was more but I think I blocked it out. Poor Tracy came home and was shocked and amazed, and not in a good way, by their behavior and I think more than a little bit concerned about my mental health. We finished the eggs without further incident (notice they are tie dyed...where's the peace here?) but both adults are counting the minutes until bedtime. We've rented "Derailed" and maybe a good suspense movie will make me feel better. Lets hope the Easter Bunny and loads of chocolate improve their mood tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hello Turmans. I guess I should say hello Amy, because Tracy accesses the internet every 6.5 years. I'm in bed surfing while the kids are watching a movie. Hope it's appropriate. Rebecca is covertly preparing easter baskets in the next room. I love your site! It's obviously a great way to keep people up to speed. I've been meaning to do the same. You may be my inspiration. Have a great Easter!

Da Boyds

Clare said...

Derek and I colored eggs the other day and I thought of being at Makey's house in Stuart, sitting a the dolphine table, coloring eggs.
I miss you and hope to see you all soon!

Joyce family said...

Woah - sounds challenging to say the least. Maybe I will hold off on the babysitter thing.